• Enhanced Content: Watch videos, interact with 3D models and simulations, or access web links to see your books come to life.
  • Advanced Search: Your textbooks with a search engine. Find the answer faster by searching through all your Kno content.
  • Journal: Your personal study guide instantly created from your highlights, notes, and bookmarks.
  • Kno Me: One stop, personal study dashboard that enables you to track your learning engagement, a leading indicator of learning success.
  • PDF Reader: Import your PDFs from the web, email or Dropbox, all-in-one place.
  • Social Sharing: Save time by exchanging your notes and highlights with classmates with the click of a button.

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3.2.1 * Bug fix 3.2.0 * Journal: Your personal study guide instantly created from your highlights, notes, and bookmarks. * PDF Reader: Import your PDFs from the web, email or Dropbox, all-in-one place. * New ability to open several books at the same time * Improved page scrubber helps you keep your place when you leave a page * Improved search results make it even easier to explore results * Performance improvements and bug fixes 3.1.0 * Added support for WinRT devices * Enhanced with the an improved Windows 8 experience * Performance improvements and bug fixes

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Reviewer 2304 · 6/25/2015
Can't even sign in

Doesn't work. Can't sign in.

Garry · 7/30/2015
Error

Don't know why, but I downloaded this app as I am starting college soon and was expecting an app that will tremendously help me. However, when I attempted to register, windows just tells me that there has been an error in trying to register me. It might be because of Windows 10, or because I have an HP Envy x360, but I am still disappointed.

Reviewer 1441 · 5/14/2015
Doesn't Even Work

Bought a book, and before I could even log in it says my date and time is wrong. Look and it is correctly set. So I hit continue and it hangs when trying to log in. The app is garbage

Reviewer 4576 · 4/9/2015
I would give zero if I could

poor quality, layout and speed

Bryan · 10/17/2014
Good Product

Loads quickly, good search and browse utility, great customer service. (Return policy is a little wacky, but we worked through it. It was my mistake initially we had to fix, but David at customer support was very friendly and worked it out for me). Have to say I like the reader more than Amazon's, especially the Windows App version.

Suzette Lynn · 10/7/2014
Needs improvement

Many much needed functions lacking! Why can't you take notes with the pen!!??? An important function. Wish there were more options for customization of size while reading, color, and background. More importantly, when I import a document, there is no option to remove it!!! Holy cow that is annoying. I 'kno' this app could be better!!!

Deidre · 3/31/2014

It's not a bad app for textbooks. The content menu is easy to pull up and navigates easily enough. There isn't, however, ANY option to change the view from one page on the screen. Orientation doesn't change it, and you can't add another page. I've looked EVERYWHERE in the app, turned my tablet, and tried a thousand different ways to do it, and it's apparently impossible. Also, the highlight feature doesn't have anywhere near as many options as other apps I've used for reading. It's basic functioning, at best. Not really college-level application. Close, but not quite close enough, especially for an app that claims to be for textbooks specifically.

Reviewer 5424 · 2/22/2014
Has potential but not there yet

This app is good apart from 2 major flaws. There appeared to be no way for me to navigate my text books through the table of contents like I so easily can with nook study. This is an essential feature of an etext book app. Also as others have stated it needs to support hand written notes.

Jack · 1/18/2014
Very handy and convenient app

I like this app as it allows me to use digital textbooks which are generally cheaper and easier to carry than paper textbooks. One thing I would like to see added is the ability to use the horizontal scroll function on my mouse's scroll wheel to change pages back and forth rather than to have to constantly click on the left and right arrows. This would be really handy because it would negate the need to be constantly moving the mouse. This isn't too much of an issue on a device with a touch screen but for a device without a touch screen this would be a huge improvement.

Kay · 12/29/2013
This is a great app

Definitely needs to have few bugs fixed otherwise this is an excellent app for students!!!

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