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Keiichi · 7/30/2015
not up to par compared to iPhone/Android

Japanese books are unreadable. No easy way to group books by author or series. As an owner of the Aura H2O, it's maddening that I can't use my phone to get some reading done when I don't have the reader with me.

Julimar · 8/3/2015
Love it

Works great so far, I have tried it across different devices and my only disappointment is that it doesn't seem to sync bookmarks sometimes. Other than that, I love being able to read different books and that I can store so many!

Matthew · 7/31/2015

Great app very useful I give it five stars if you read chapter books but does not have picture books for younger kids

Cynthia · 7/31/2015
Absolutely love

I was lead to Kobe books by the service my e-reader used which was Sony Reader store. They got bought out or merged not sure. Either way it now gives me the ability to access all my book purchases on my surface tablet which has win 8.1. I absolutely love this app, well now that it works better. Great app.

Erik · 8/2/2015
Works on all my devices

A nice e-book reader that I find easy to use. I have it installed and working great on: Windows 10 Surface Pro 1 Windows 8.1 Dell laptop Android Kit Kat and Lollipop tablets and phones Windows Phone 8.1 Nokia Phone No troubles for me at all, reading English titles.

Mayurakshi · 7/23/2015

Brilliant. Very simple interface. And amazing collection.

Reviewer 1635 · 7/21/2015
KOBO Surface App. On a Surface Pro Outstanding

I own both a KOBO Glow & a Surface Pro. The KOBO is great for it's weight and use in bright or dark places. I just loaded the KOBO app. On my Surface as I found an e-book with maps The maps were for most part unreadable. The Surface app. Takes advantage of the Surface's great screen & the clarity is amazing. App. Is easy to use for any KOBO owner. It also shows side by side pages, just like a real book! It also shows side by side pages, just like a real book! The only issue is the Surface's weight vs. the KOBO's. After a while you need to rest the Surface on your lap or a table. Give it a test drive.

Reviewer 4207 · 7/21/2015

Being an older individual, I don't like the small font (even at the largest setting),

Stewart · 7/16/2015

Kobo for Windows mobile is not the worst eBook reader but, amazingly enough it's worse than Kindle for Windows mobile. (Both Kindle and Kobo for other OSs are tolerable and much better that the Windows mobile iterations.) Kobo for Windows mobile has (at least) the following problems: No viable search inside the book you are reading, the application bogs (even on a fast phone) while opening and while navigating inside the book, book marking is on left side not right and bookmarking gets tricky at times in vertical mode because it bumps into Windows menu items, setting the size of the type with the slider is difficult without preview or size references, type antialiasing doesn't work quite right even with house fonts, images are static, type rendering sometimes misses words while swapping from vertical to horizontal view, type is sometimes erratically displayed when changing views, no way to take notes, no way to highlight, no social interaction, and on and on. Not a useful ereader:(

Nguyen Dan · 7/17/2015
Need to improve performance

I like the UI. However, it is slower than Nook (loading chapter) and doesn't have dictionary.

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