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Kevin L · 8/26/2015

This is a "must have". I have it installed on all my computers and my Windows Phone so my passwords are available on and synchronized on all of them. I purchased their subscription bundle with Xmarks bookmark sync for my internet browsers on all computers and my Windows Phone too. Xmarks is also a "must have" too. Update: Lastpass still amazes me everytime another website, or App on my phone, asks for my name and password. I have so many names/passwords and Lastpass makes finding and pasting them in, so easy. Thank you, LastPass, for supporting Windows Phone.

Kelvin · 8/2/2015
Great app, needs direct integration into Edge

I truly like what this app allowed me to do. However, I *wish* Microsoft would grant the author a pass to integrate directly with Edge. If direct integration were there this would easily be a 5 star app. Unfortunately, it doesn't so only 4 stars. Hopefully this is because Hello is coming to 10 Mobile.

Ashish · 8/2/2015
Really good app

I would give five star if it had ability to auto populate username and password into other Apps and website. Android version of lastpass has this ability. Lastpass should bring similar feature to wndows phone.

Marlon · 8/14/2015

Most recent update removed all my passwords. Also problems with chrome extension. The app is a nightmare now. The UI is terrible and the update cleared my stored password data.

Mike · 6/5/2015

Great app. Reliable and great for traveling or if you use multiple devices. I can access my passwords on my laptop, tablet and phone. Highly recommended.

Howard · 8/13/2015

I was prompted to start trial after the latest update? Is it not free anymore for windows phone? Also a bug...after I login then get my code for two factor authentication it goes back to logon pin and will not continue unless I exit the app and start over again, by that time the code has expired.

Matthew · 8/7/2015
I <3 Lastpass

Really ask outstanding service and app

Brian · 8/5/2015

Poor app compared to android Perhaps it the WP environment but the android version is far superior to the windows version. Very disappointed with the interface and it is not well integrated through out the phone apps. Still like lastpass, just don't like the integration with windows phone. Would have been 1 star but gave an extra star for trying to be on windows phone. Thanks, keep trying.

Sascha · 5/19/2015

PIN function does not work, so if you have a long master password, as you should, prepare to have to type it often. Also, passwords saved using the "save entered data" function with the browser plugin, are not visible. Apart from these bugs it's a functional version. No auto-fill for apps as in the Android version, but that's a Windows OS restriction I suppose.

Dave · 5/21/2015

App desperately needs attention! Won't keep me logged in, no matter what settings I use. PIN code access doesn't work. Needs form fill profiles so I can access my credit card info.


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