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Ashish · 8/2/2015
Really good app

I would give five star if it had ability to auto populate username and password into other Apps and website. Android version of lastpass has this ability. Lastpass should bring similar feature to wndows phone.

Mike · 6/5/2015

Great app. Reliable and great for traveling or if you use multiple devices. I can access my passwords on my laptop, tablet and phone. Highly recommended.

Sascha · 5/19/2015

PIN function does not work, so if you have a long master password, as you should, prepare to have to type it often. Also, passwords saved using the "save entered data" function with the browser plugin, are not visible. Apart from these bugs it's a functional version. No auto-fill for apps as in the Android version, but that's a Windows OS restriction I suppose.

Dr. Jason Alan · 12/15/2014

Just does not offer a smooth user experience. I find this app difficult to use.

Dave · 5/21/2015

App desperately needs attention! Won't keep me logged in, no matter what settings I use. PIN code access doesn't work. Needs form fill profiles so I can access my credit card info.

Aaron · 5/28/2015

Crashes every time on win10 tech preview.

Andrew · 4/25/2015

Latest version copies corrupt passwords to the clipboard, making the app much less useful. Please fix

Blake · 4/7/2015

I really like LastPass a lot and I've found it very useful on PC and Mac. The Windows Phone app could really use an update to get it on par with the Android and iOS apps. I hope that something is in the works. I'm grateful to have an app at all, but updates would be nice.

Chris · 4/7/2015

Happy to see LastPass makes a Windows phone app. It gets the job done but is missing some features compared to its Android counterpart. Autofill is a much needed feature that needs to be added as constantly copying and pasting passwords is a pain. Update 4/7/15: I still like LastPass but I've noticed additional issues: The browser has problems displaying a number of websites. Also, lately, when i type a URL into the LastLass browser address bar, it takes me to a google search page rather than the website I just entered. An update is clearly needed here.

Philip · 4/16/2015

Doesn't begin to compare to its ios and Android versions. PIN feature doesn't seem to work at all. Copying password sometimes adds characters. A frustrating experience for a longtime user.