• View all of your stored sites and notes in an easily-searchable vault.
  • Launch sites from your vault to autofill usernames and passwords.
  • Securely sync your data to the cloud, and have it available on all of your other devices.
  • Store credit cards, passports, memberships, and more in secure notes.
  • Generate secure passwords with one click.

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- refreshed user interface - updates for Windows 8.1 compatibility - stability improvements

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Ernest · 6/21/2015
Best password manager out there

First of all, consumers need to have some common sense, no offense. I have been using LastPass from Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome for over 3 years. This is an app through the Windows Marketplace, but you can also install it straight from the browser on your desktop. The key to this program is to make it easy to use hard to remember longer passwords with upper and lower case letters, and symbols. This is also a known fact for best security you NEVER use the same password for every website. They should all be different. Second, you create a hard to remember master password that you change every 90 days or less, especially due to the fact the internet has multiple people hacking and sending all kinds of junk on the internet. You should also change your regular passwords to all your websites at least every 90 days. This is common sense security, plus always use the most current version of Windows, and daily check for Windows updates, and for browser and internet security programs.

Reviewer 1358 · 5/15/2015
Really miss the android version

It sort of helps. I might as well just startup a web browser. It's easier to look up my info and copy paste. The Android version has a fill helper which is very handy. this B tedious and cumbersome.

Reviewer 4607 · 5/15/2015
Windows 8 is the weakest app of the bunch.

Other platforms work flawlessly. The windows 8 app often doesn't decrypt sites after a verified login, of which the only solution is to reinstall.

Justin · 3/24/2015
Great stuff

good stuff, only reason I left off one star is because it leaves room for improvement. keep it going!

Stephen · 2/22/2015
Best password manager around

I work in the IT world, and I had my doubts at first about only having to remember one password, but that's almost exactly what this app does. You remember a "master password" which opens up your "vault" allowing you access to all of your logins. There is also a LastPass extension for almost every web browser, allowing you to automatically autofill the username/password fields or even automatically log you in without pressing a button. Another thing about LastPass: it will generate a random, extremely secure password for you, store it, and then will automatically either fill the fields for you, or log you in, without having to remember such a complex password.

Reviewer 1682 · 5/22/2015
Does not work with Sesame

I have this installed on a Surface Pro 3 and can't log in to my LastPass vault with Sesame multifactor security enabled. Sesame is set to allow mobile devices but no luck. Works fine as long as Sesame is disabled but that defeats the point of a premium membership and multi-factor authentication.

Reviewer 9546 · 7/22/2015
Very poor implementation...

...and user interface. Both the Android and Windows extensions work very well but this just is immature. Does not open sites when entry is clicked or tapped in the vault. Really disappointing.

Philip · 2/18/2015

Lastpass is great because they keep on expanding the platforms they are available on. It's sweet! Update: Doesn't work if you have multifactor authentication turned on. Bummer...

Stephen · 2/2/2015
Works occasionally

I use this app all the time, however, it constantly logs itself out or just crashes on reopening. They could do a lot better.

Lee · 10/31/2014
It could be great

The app has a pretty setup and seems to work well with all the security you would expect from LastPass. The reason why this is not a 5 star app is because it is highly unstable. It doesn't take much to get the app to randomly close on you then create difficulties opening it again. It needs some love for sure. As of 2014.10.30 still no update to fix the instability.

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