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Wanda · 8/21/2015

I LIKE E V E R Y T H I N G ~~ AWESOME APP...its kewl, fun, great graphics, great UI, great ...wonderful! Once I started the first lazy paint photo it was almost 2 hrs later. I had no problems with anything so far. It still wouldn't hurt to add some more options and cool stuff. THANKS, GREAT JOB.

Ruslan · 9/10/2013
load image does not work

if I try to load an image from PC, app hangs and does not respond. Notebook, Win8x64 Pro.

Jeffrey · 12/27/2012
this sucks

its froze forever

Tony · 10/17/2012
App Freezing

App freezes on launch

Jeremiah · 6/11/2015
Painting Has Never Been So Simple!

Works on laptops, PCs, tablets, and phones. All you need to do is go over the picture, and your done! Like the idea! But, for laptops and PCs, like me, you can't save it, which kinda sucks. But if I had a tablet or a phone, I would definitely give this app five stars. But I would appreciate if it was compatible for both PCs and mobile devices. Thank you.

Patrick · 4/1/2015
my nieces love this!!!

I didn't "get" this app at first. But then I had my little nieces try it out. They loved it. You load a picture (I would download Disney cartoon pictures) and the picture starts off empty. And as they draw, it fills in. You can be artistic and swipe fast. Or draw slow and basically fill in the picture. They feel like they're artists without having to be artistic.

Mahe · 6/25/2014

I love this app so much! It crashes sometimes but not always. They have very nice pictures to offer. I really recommend getting this app!

Sakuni · 5/17/2014
Tried using it on a laptop

I tried to use it on my laptop but it didn't work as well. I figured out how to scroll through the brushes menu (use the arrow keys) but all the other options were inaccessible. I really wished they would make one that is allocated to non-touchscreen devices. Otherwise, it was fun to fool around with the brushes for a bit, but I couldn't save it or send it to anyone so it was pointless. If you have a touchscreen though, I highly recommend it.

Diana · 9/19/2013

This app is such a fun idea, and has lots of creative options tinkering with photos. The only thing that needs a little fixing is the app has been crashing when uploading pictures from an outside folder.

Ryan · 8/6/2013
Viewing problem

I enjoyed using the app, but I found that you can't view the pictures later in the picture library due to them being pneg files instead of jpeg files, am I doing something wrong, or is this intended?



  • Turn your photos into paintings
  • Paint with multi-touch brushes
  • Share your creations

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Version notes

Release 8: - minor UI improvements - minor changes to tutorial Release 7: - improved error handling - fixed some typos - updated screenshots Release 6: - Redesign of the interface in white - Now we're called Lazy Paint - Added tutorial screens Release 5: - We added Undo/Redo option (in taskbar and using CTRL-Z/CTRL-V) - Improved drawing performance - Fixed Sharing bug - Fixed crash when drawing Release 4: - We added a set of example images to start with, especially for people who do not have any pictures in their library yet - We added a feedback button and would love to hear from you if something doesn't work (or does) or if you have wishes for additional features. Release 3: - Improved the Share function so drawings can now sent by email and other apps that accept image files Release 2: - Refined design - Improved brushes dramatically. - Added Bristles brush - Change precision instead of opacity. - Load faster and nicer intro.

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