• Beautiful LCARS-inspired interface
  • Log Editor with Text, Audio, and Video options!
  • Media Player with playlist support
  • Calculator with basic math operations and trigonometric functions.
  • Sound effects and animated transitions
  • Configurable color themes and audio
  • File Manager
  • International weather information
  • LCARS Trek app included!
  • Large display date and time, timer (stopwatch) and Auto destruct (countdown)
  • Interactive LCARS panels let you dive into working on a starship!
  • Document Viewer for opening PDF files.

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Version notes

This Update (Release 44): -Media Player can now play audio while navigating to other areas of the app! -New visual states for Warp Core animation when shut down or ejected. -PDF Viewer now has "Save As" functionality, to assist with keeping files launched into LCARS from the internet. -New weather data provider due to old one being unreliable. -Many bug fixes and visual tweaks to work better across many screen sizes. ----------------------------------------------- Previous Updates: -Fixed Weather Icons for 5 day forecast. -More e-pub types are supported. -Misc bug fixes. -Productivity tools, Ship Systems, and LCARS Trek Simulator modules now function separately from each other for a more immersive experience when using one type., and to allow for further expansion. -Fixed "External" viewer in Conn module with brand new control. Stars will now actually be different and not playing back a canned video. -Secondary tile for Weather is now a live tile! (First run will prompt for ability to run in background) -New Productivity Modules: Holo Cam, E-Book (.epub) Viewer. -New Ship System Module: Shield control. -Bug fixes and optimizations for more screen sizes and resolutions.. -Performance enhancements on many screens. -App should use less memory overall now. -------------------- For full version history and development notes about upcoming features, please visit http://davstarapps.blogspot.com

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5 stars out of 5
· 2/21/2016
Feels like a Star Trek UI

My only gripes is, they haven't updated in awhile and there is a few crashes. Under ship sys, when you remove the warp drive, you shouldn't be able to warp. There needs to be a self destruct feature in the ship sys.

5 stars out of 5
· 2/23/2016
So freaking cool.

This is well made and seriously awesome. I've wanted something like this for as long as I can remember. It's something that trekkies will be unable to pass up and, if they are like me, they will not be disappointed. I keep recording Captain's logs where I'm sad because someone didn't make it back alive from an away mission or logs where I describe some strange space anomaly my crew encountered or new form of life. I'm a 30 year old guy and this app has me spending the day pretending like I did when I was a kid. Also, it's super awesome watching eps of TNG in the app's media player. I'm just loving this thing so hard right now. It's super-cheap, too. Even if it had cost 5x the amount, I'd still fully recommend it. It's freaking sweet as heck.

4 stars out of 5
· 3/17/2016
Needs a Web Browser

I think it needs a web browser or a built in theme for Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge. Also it should take over the start screen in tablet mode and launch other apps. Edit: that's probably asking for too much; all I want is .mkv video support.

5 stars out of 5
· 2/21/2016
Warp speed, Mr. Crusher!

This app is everything a Star Trek fan could want! I've got it always docked on my secondary monitor and it makes me feel like I'm livin' in the future! Amazing job and works really well!

5 stars out of 5
· 3/2/2016
Fantastic Fun!

Great fun and authentic. Let's one nerd out for hours on end.

5 stars out of 5
· 11/26/2015
Make It So

That UI is almost perfect! I recently upgraded to a touchscreen, and now it is even more awesome. One suggestion: It would be cool if you could also change the ship diagram in the status settings to a class other than the Galaxy class. Sovereign or Prometheus for example.

5 stars out of 5
· 11/19/2015
Great for Star Trek fans

Honestly, the functionality isn't overwhelming, but what's there is so polished, that it has that ST magic. Why set an alarm in Windows 10, if I can do it through LCARS??

1 stars out of 5
· 2/19/2016
It keeps crashing

Every time I open this app, it crashes. I can't get in to the app commands, settings, nothing. Not worth the $1.49 I paid for it. I'll stick to my droid's LCARS, it's way better.

Davstar Apps responded on 2/19/2016

Please send us an e-mail at davstarapps@gmail.com and we will try and assist you! Thank you

4 stars out of 5
· 6/10/2015
Awesome..... almost

Absolutely love this app. Very well designed and accurate to the series. When used on a small tablet it is really fun. My only complaint and the reason I didn't give my stars is the e-reader application. The app didn't retain my place on a book I was reading. If this can be fixed I'll give it a full 5 star.

5 stars out of 5
· 7/4/2014
Well Worth the Money

I purchased this app thinking that it would be a nice little thing to play with, being the Start Trek fan that I am. However, after getting into it, I realized that this thing was way more than just a cute little app. The developer has obviously put into it hundreds if not thousands of hours in making not only a beautiful simulation of the Star Trek LCARS system with real working feedback, but also included in it functional apps such as calendar, music player, document readers, voice and video recorder, weather app, clock and a whole lot more. I can't recommend this app enough. Hopefully enough people buy it to make it worth the developer's while, cause it's one heck of an app. Thanks Dev for this beautiful creation.

stars out of 5

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