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Lysle · 4/16/2013
Unusable because audio is read too fast

I can't use it because I can't tell what the Japanese girl who reads the cards is saying. She speaks way too fast.

Marcus · 11/19/2012

If you review you get to unlock a free category...

Frank · 11/18/2012
Not what I thought

I thought it would be like human Japanese

Reviewer 2152 · 5/28/2015
Well Worth the Cost

Not that this costs all that much, but you get so much more than you would expect. I have been very thrilled with all the products that this company has produced. So what you get with this app is a ton of words and phrases in flashcard format with a native speaker sounding them out. There is the ability to create custom study decks and take quizzes as well to test your memory. This app has the Hiragana and Katakana lessons from the free app this company has produced as well. The difference is this one contains the stroke orders for the different kana. If there were any con I would have to say I would like to have the option to turn off the voice while quizzing or studying. I just simply mute my computer.

Reviewer 6934 · 4/20/2015

I really enjoy this app and find it useful in learning Japanese. The study guide and curriculum is easy to understand. It has great step by step lessons and it also has weekly lessons that you can follow.

Chris · 3/22/2015
compact and helpful

I have noticed at least one spelling error, but for the price this app has a lot of excellent content. You will not become fluent using this app alone, but it makes a very good ancillary study aide ( which I think is the original intent).

Matthew · 6/11/2014
Amazing App!!

I LOVE this app! It has taught me so much already! The flash cards are so easy to use and the lessons are very helpful and easy to understand. This app was definitely made with the average and even advanced student in mind (also great for beginners like me)! Love it!!

Atheer · 4/30/2014
Best Application for Learning Japanese

Awesome application. I have no complaints. I am a beginner, but I know enough about Japanese to know that this is a great application for anyone who is looking to learn or improve.

Susan · 3/24/2014
Great Reference

This app works very well with my textbook and is a perfect reference for beginning Japanese study. The notes in the app let you know up front that it is a supplement. not a complete program. That being said, it is an excellent source for learning the kanas and beginning Kanji. The only problem I have encountered is that I frequently need to uninstall and reinstall the program as it just quits working. This may be due to Windows 8 glitches that need to be worked out and not associated with the app at all.

Tochi · 3/14/2014

This is a wonderful app! Not only does it teach hiragana, katakana, and kanji, but it also provides romaji (as well as stress to not rely on it). The audio pronunciation is extremely efficient, and before I knew it I went from hiragana to kanji! I'm looking forward to purchasing the full version to experience all this app has to offer.



  • 2,500+ crystal clear audio recordings
  • Lessons to teach grammar and sentence structure
  • Interactive multiple choice quizzes for every category
  • Spaced repetition sorting optimized for memory retention
  • Study Bank - 'favorite' any phrase to study or email to you later
  • Windows-integrated search - quickly find any word or phrase in the app
  • Works offline - even without a network connection
  • Cultural notes and learning tips
  • Free trial with access to hundreds of phrases
  • Optimized for widescreen and snapped view

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Updated to handle new Windows 8.1 features. Recent changes handled rendering issue on SurfacePro (8.1)

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