• Supports the most popular e-book formats: ePub, FB2 and PDF. Read hundreds of books with one app.
  • Convenient book store inside the app. Wide range of genres that suit any taste.
  • A gift for all app users from Liberty – download world classics for free. Available from the classics section of the book store.
  • Additional features, such as: search, bookshelf categories and notes.
  • Convenient navigation and fast bookmarks. Instant or immediate move to any part of the book.
  • Advanced typesetting. Books look the way they were designed.
  • Exceptional speed. Comfortable reading without waiting.
  • Continuous updates to the app. We want you to stay with us and be sure that we will continue developing and enhancing Liberty Book Reader.

Additional information

Version Notes * Refined bookshelf * Updated bookstore * Improved performance * Bugs fixed * Refined bookshelf * ‘Scroll’ mode * Custom styles * Updated bookstore * Improved performance * Bugs fixed * Newly added bookstore that deals top titles in different genres from most popular Russian publishers. The catalog is regularly updated. * A gift to all our users – golden classics in world literature available free of charge. * We now support PDF files. * Fix of bugs that appear during reading. * Improved bookreader performance. * A lot of fixed bugs * A lot of fixed bugs * Find specific words in any opened book with built-in Search * Easy to use Notes feature * Bookshelf with customizable Categories * A lot of fixed bugs * Bug fixes * Bug fixes * Additional fonts * Enjoy brand news bookshelf * Page through book contents using gestures * Search across library

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Reviewer 6853 · 7/5/2015
It will get there.

For me, it is not usable right now. Lacks proper highlighting with colors and clicking on references jumps you out of text instead of opening a side box. There is no back button and you and end up lost. Will come back to it after these features are improved. Also, options are weird. The way you mix it.. Got 3 stars by having scroll option and nice typesetting.

Kratenok · 5/5/2014
it doesn't open any pdf books.

Fix it first.

Cortney · 1/13/2014
Won't open

The app will not open on my Windows 8 laptop. I have tried opening it 4 times. I thought I'd like the bookmark feature, but I can't even use that. Will be uninstalling immediately.

Ashley · 10/10/2014
Definitely a work in progress

A lot of features, including basic functionality, are missing from this app. Switching orientation or font size often messes with its internal page count, sending you back to the chapter start if you're lucky. Adding books from either cloud storage or networked hard drives is chancy at best, and often won't tell you why it didn't work. Despite creating an account, it never listed me as signed in, and always prompted mere to do so. It has promise, but is a barely functioning reader app right now. Uninstalled after a week of frustration.

David · 9/15/2014
Good but not all I wantede

This reader has a lot of the functionality that I would expect from a top drawer app. The only reason that I gave it four stars instead of five was due to not being able to highlight specific passages in a book. This is one of the most important features to me as I use it to study with.

Alex · 8/22/2014

Good book reader. Easy to use.

jason · 7/6/2014
The freedom to read

It handles every the way it should, with the ability to customize. I would like the option to add folders, in addition to adding files.

Jason · 6/16/2014
Needs to support snap view and update for WP

I like the UI but it needs to support snap view. It could really use with more advanced features, similar to Freda. Please update the wp app!

Spencer · 3/27/2014
Smooth Interface, Quick Reponse

Very good product. I only wish I could customize colors.

Jason · 3/19/2014
Good, but still lacking

This is one of the best readers for ePub files on the store right now, free at that. But I feel this program would benefit greatly and add a further clientele if they added a highlighting/underlining feature. I get it, its a "reader", but I enjoy highlighting and underlining key points in my pub files. Food for thought.

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