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Macy · 8/22/2015

I loved this app even though it was a little slow I could deal with it, because what do u expect. there's all that info your phone has to process for u to watch tv on your phone. However it totally stopped working after I got to season 3 of dance moms. I was so disappointed I tries everything including restarting my phone uninstalling the app and looking online for other ways to fix it... No luck. I would give this app a 5 but the app stopped working and I think the producers have some work to do fixing it. I warn all people not to get the app till it is updated. I know I will reinstall it gets fixed.

Allison · 8/15/2015

I really loved this app at first. I was able to binge watch all my favorite lifetime shows, but recently it as been crashing, buffering for up to 10 minutes at a time when I have a strong internet connection, and having weird glitches with the sound and picture... PLEASE fix I love this app and want to be able to continue using it!

Jelissa · 8/13/2015
Very Good

It helps me to catch up on all my shows

mj · 8/6/2015
this is amazing

this app is really the best because when it says free it means it unlike those other websites that say free and ask for your credit card number but on this app you just install and watch and you don't even need an account or anything

Ken · 8/16/2015
Good shows

Great place to watch quality drama.

Nia · 8/28/2015
Buffer issues

Whenever I try to watch a show on the app it does not play all the way through. It's very blurry and only plays about 5 seconds before freezing. If it does play it stops half way through the show and will not contibue.

Reviewer 4397 · 8/3/2015
can't connect

cant connect to my internet and am connected already!!!!

Reviewer 8761 · 5/20/2015

app keeps freezing up..un installing

Reviewer 9774 · 4/2/2015
Locked Shows

most shows are locked. it says I have to connect to my cable provider and I have

Maya · 3/25/2015
The App would not install

when I try to install the Lifetime app it says that my purchase couldn't be installed. anybody else have that same problem?


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