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sahal · 8/28/2015
Problem in Windows 10 mobile - Not supported messages

Thanks for bring this app into Windows Mobile... I've some suggestions/problems to adapt and fix: - Very basic chat app. Improve more features in Line app... Just like iOS version of Line. - Please make line compatible with any screen sizes... Like Lumia 535 and 730, using the virtual navigation. Make it Full screen automatically, when the nav. swiped to hidden. And adapt it with Windows 10 Technical preview... - Is this true? I often got the messages from the Android/iOS users of my friends: "Sorry, this message is not supported on the Windows Phone version of Line" - "The connection is unstable" often get this alert ⚠... When I got full signal, H+ connections!!! - The app crashed sometimes when I try to attach file.

Christine · 8/22/2015
It's okay but...

It looks like it's designed to be used with a touch screen (which I don't have). It's not a problem for most things, but I like to use stickers and am unable to use all of them. It appears that you are supposed to be able to scroll horizontally through the different sets of stickers- however there is no way to do this on my computer. I assume this would not be a problem on a touchscreen, but on my computer it means that I'm limited to the sticker sets that I can reach by clicking my mouse. I'd like to be able to use line on just one device at the time, but I have to use my iphone to access all of the stickers...This problem could be addressed by adding a horizontal scroll bar. It would also benefit from a way to search for stickers. Also, there's no indication that my messages have been read. This is important to me, because I primarily use it to talk to my friend in Japan (I'm in the U.S.) and obviously we can't always message each other at the same time.

.Cory Wayne · 8/26/2015
Love it but slow

Needs to be faster like what's app it takes a wile to get text and the calling is really bad but the idea is good with all the stickers and stuff please do something to speed it up

Fauzan · 8/20/2015

PLEASE UPDATE THIS. - Bug fix - UI improvements - Sticker and Theme shop - Support theme - More emojis - Mention friends in comments - Line coins - Share post on chat - Support video saving & sharing - And more features just like Android and iOS PLEASE UPDATE. THANKYOU!

Ryan · 8/25/2015
watered down over the regular windows app

tired of watered down apps that aren't consistent across platforms. This one isn't even consistent across Windows 7 and 8 and is in line with the Android app. Can't even boot people out of groups. And because it's a windows 8 app, it takes up the whole screen where the normal one is nicely windowed. Uninstalling.

Reviewer 7595 · 8/19/2015
Needs an upgrade

No Line calling on tablet, not able to forward or easily manage chats, if you have ever used Android or IOS version going back to this is miserable.

Michael · 8/20/2015

Not bad, but it's painfully obvious that it's lagging behind in updates when compared to other platforms. Features (claiming promotional stickers from official users, webtoons, pay, keep, etc.) are missing. At least, the timeline has been added. It's nice that there's a native app for LINE, and I hope they plan to catch up with the updates.

Nikolas · 8/9/2015

Timeline is added; now we just need Line Games! Also, I would love for the app to have some better performance when first opening. It takes awhile for messages to sync.

Reviewer 8087 · 8/25/2015
Not as handy as the phone or windows 7 veersion

there are rarely updates that improve the windows 8 version. The chats aren't synchronized with your Line on your phone and windows 7 version. Notifications are hard to recognize. Even the loading took sometime but its just slower than the windows 7 version. I wish we could download the windows 7 version to windows 8. rather than being redirected everytime we want to download the windows 7 version.

Ega · 8/10/2015
Too Much disabled features

Better Line for Windows 7 versions... this version is really annoying with disabled features like, drag and drop files, group post and etc. prefer use Windows 7 versions or wait the developers fixed it


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[Update - Ver. 4.2] - Added feature to set favorite groups - Bug fixes and performance improvements

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