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[Update - Ver. 4.2] - Added feature to set favorite groups - Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Sakdichote · 8/1/2015
This thing should have "BETA" issued in its title!

Do you think the phone version is behind its time? Well, the PC version is far worse! On Windows 10 PC, it won't notify you of new messages unless you open the app (active window), and most of the time when you switch to another app and back, it says "network unstable", even when It is stable and running fast (home broadband) and has to resume—to add salt to the injury, that takes more than a few seconds. Not to mention that Timeline isn't available in the current version (4.2). Worse than that, when you leave the app inactive (minimised window) and go either play a game, or another app for a while, it logs you out automatically—how absurd!! Additionally, if you click the close button, unlike the old version for PC, well, it actually closes the app instead of minimising it to system tray and let it runs in the background. I had to download another PC version that was meant for Windows 7 from the LINE web page—it is better in every aspect.

Polpatr · 7/29/2015
Performance to improve

Very slow to resume the application. Once the application resumed, it is also very slow to refresh the chat info especially in Group Chat. When the app runs in background, it should sync all chat info in advance.

Reviewer 9842 · 7/25/2015
Pictures Disappeared

Besides the lack of options on the PC version compared to the Android version. It works well enough. PC version: (Running Windows 8.1) -no Note Access -no Stickers recently -no Images -no Profile/Chat room Pictures If all you want to do is chat in a chat room, then it works for that purpose. If your looking for extras that you have on your phone/tablet.. then this isn't for you. Don't bother with customer service either... There's no options for support besides the FAQ which doesn't answer even the basic questions.

adira · 7/25/2015

Please add more features like other platforms like: Theme avaibility Saving video from timeline and chat Free coins .etc Chat search Shares friend's post Chat archieving Automatically refresh timeline And many bugs and crash still on like late notification,a bit laggy on chats. The rest is very well and thanks for supporting windows. Keep going! FIX LOGIN BUGS PLEASE!!!!!

Cindy · 7/25/2015

If I take a video in landscape mode, it'll just take it as if I was filming it in portrait mode even though I don't have rotation lock on my phone on and if I forward a video or photo to one of my friends a lot of the time it'll send it to them twice. Picture quality should be better when sending and viewing images and if I write a message, select a sticker, then press send, sometimes they'll send together and sometimes the sticker will be the only one that sends and then I have to send the actual text manually. Not a big deal but sorta inconsistent Please make landscape mode in the app more consistent. If I'm in landscape mode and want to send a file, it automatically goes back into portrait mode. Same goes for if I'm going to play a video or audio from a friend. Please make most of the app be able to rotate like WhatsApp.

Reviewer 4147 · 7/15/2015
My Review

I like that LINE is also computer friendly!! I just wish it had all of the same features as the phone version (well, the features that can be copied). The app is easy to use and I love that you can still access all of the stickers from your personal collection.

Sibe · 7/21/2015

UPDATE : LINE keeps closing. Reinstalled a few times but it won't sync my account. ---- Can't purchase themes and lacks some features like when there were free stickers or promotions, I had to ask for the links from a friend.

Reviewer 5267 · 7/27/2015
used to be great in old version...but awful now

The latest upgrade is a disaster. On windows 8 pc version there is no video call button, and the program hogs your desktop. I have switched back to skype

Pablo · 7/12/2015

Well I have always owned a windows phone so I really don't mind that it doesn't have all the features I'm guessing iPhone has. I would like some updates though I've received messages that state aren't supported by the windows version of line. Thanks for windows release :)

Fauzan · 7/13/2015

PLEASE UPDATE THIS. - Bug fix - UI improvements - Sticker and Theme shop - Support theme - More emojis - Mention friends in comments - Line coins - Share post on chat - Support video saving & sharing - And more features just like Android and iOS PLEASE UPDATE. THANKYOU!

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