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5 stars out of 5
· 11/20/2015
A great app!

It's a great way for me to keep in touch and share my pictures, words and videos with my friends and family. Line has done a great job keeping the app nearly feature complete compared to it's iOS and Android apps.

4 stars out of 5
· 11/25/2015
Love the new update!

I am really glad that Timeline is finally available for the Windows version of LINE. It's great to be able to make a post to share with friends without wondering where I left my cellphone. I also noticed that you guys made it easier to locate specific stickers. I think that is great as well, as before it was difficult trying to find the stickers I wanted to use.

3 stars out of 5
· 11/16/2015
Better, but now major performance issues..

So, kudos for the update to LINE for Windows 10. I haven't tried out everything yet, but lots of functionality now on par with Android version. Biggest issue I've now run into is performance related. (Memory leaks maybe?). When typing in the chat window, it takes FOREVER for the cursor to show what I type in the window. It's extremely slow to respond most times, and I'm left wondering what I typed actually was recognized by the application and sent. This needs to seriously be looked at ASAP. Will get another star if the application becomes more responsive. PLUS, remove the notifications in the notification bar if I read the message in LINE. I don't want to have to keep clearing out notifications in the windows bar manually all the time. PLUS, the LIVE TILE doesn't timely update the messages received. (performance related too I guess) ADD TO THIS: Downloading stickers typically NEVER works. Photos as well take forever of don't happen. Really seems this app has some issues.

1 stars out of 5
· 11/17/2015
Can't even login

At first I was able to log in and the next time I opened it I can't log in (I've tried lots of times) I tried uninstalling and installing it again but it doesn't work at all :/ Strangely, login messages still appear from my mobile phone's LINE app .-.

1 stars out of 5
· 11/15/2015

Still much of bug, I can't see list photos inside the group chat or single chat, so I have to scroll and scroll to see photos that people sent before. I can't save photo from LINE@ account or official account. No more themes for LINE on windows phone?? Please add KEEP feature, support with LINE PAY, add more custom LINE notification sound, can add people by phone number, and can forward multiple chat / photos / contacts info to another chat or group.

4 stars out of 5
· 11/18/2015
It's a pretty good app

It does what it needs to, and does it reasonably well. But there are a couple of important features missing. The ability to import or sync between devices (I don't care if I have to do it manually, having no option makes it difficult). There are also features in the phone app that this app lacks, most notably for me: Hidden chat

4 stars out of 5
· 11/15/2015

If I take a video in landscape mode, it'll just take it as if I was filming it in portrait mode even though I don't have rotation lock on my phone on and if I forward a video or photo to one of my friends a lot of the time it'll send it to them twice. Picture quality should be better when sending and viewing images and if I write a message, select a sticker, then press send, sometimes they'll send together and sometimes the sticker will be the only one that sends and then I have to send the actual text manually. Not a big deal but sorta inconsistent Please make landscape mode in the app more consistent. If I'm in landscape mode and want to send a file, it automatically goes back into portrait mode. Same goes for if I'm going to play a video or audio from a friend. Please make most of the app be able to rotate like WhatsApp.

5 stars out of 5
· 11/14/2015
Very good

We are so happy with current release of LINE for Windows and Windows Phone, now we are able to send and recieve voice enabled sticker on Windows 10 desktop (not only on mobile), send and recieve voice and video call on Windows 10 desktop (not only on mobile) but my friend said he not receive my call, please fix this issue and make us able to receive call on mobile and desktop version if current version can't, faster loading on both desktop and mobile version, Windows 10 UI, fresh timeline. Fix syncronization problem, add password lock, and interactive notification (direct reply to chat and call from notification center). Next, we will wait for new software from LINE. Thanks LINE :)

2 stars out of 5
· 11/14/2015
This thing should have "BETA" issued in its title!

Do you think the phone version is behind its time? Well, the PC version is far worse! On Windows 10 PC, it won't notify you of new messages unless you open the app (active window), and most of the time when you switch to another app and back, it says "network unstable", even when It is stable and running fast (home broadband) and has to resume—to add insult to injury, that takes more than a few seconds. Not to mention that Timeline isn't available in the current version (4.2). Worse than that, when you leave the app inactive (minimised window) and go either play a game, or another app for a while, it logs you out automatically—how absurd!! Additionally, if you click the close button, unlike the old version for PC, well, it actually closes the app instead of minimising it to system tray and let it runs in the background. I had to download desktop version from the LINE web page—it is better in every aspect.

4 stars out of 5
· 11/15/2015
Good upgrade . Still waiting integrated language

Great app Sync is good with the iPhone BUT! Line could include language conversion on each line of text. (Especially English/ Japanese etc)

stars out of 5


  • 【Free Voice Calls and Video Calls!】 If you have LINE on your Windows 10, you can enjoy free, high quality voice calls and video calls whenever and wherever you are.
  • 【Messages Delivered to You Quick!】 Instead of taking time to email/sms your friends, use LINE’s message function to send messages easily with colorful icons, photos and even location information.
  • 【Making Communication More Enjoyable and Convenient】 With the Timeline feature, you can update your friends about what you've been doing lately using text, photos, movies, stickers and even locations.
  • 【Optimized for Windows 10】 LINE's user interface has been optimized for the Windows 10 UI.

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