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Digital video recording. New design. Search and navigation improvements. Pin channel to start. Internationalization. Support PlayTo for DVR. Bugfixes.

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Reviewer 8006 · 7/4/2015
Good concept

Installed this because I do not have WMC, but I always get "Failed to load." Won't work for me.

Reviewer 3644 · 11/5/2014

Awesome! A lot of free live and recording tv/video/audio channels with great quality (streaming and content).. And it work fine with 4mbps connection. Haven't try premium account yet but with HD quality and VOD I guess it's gonna blow my mind.. And yeah TV guide is a great features. Hope filmon can add more education and asia local channel in future. Thank you filmon!

Lisa · 7/27/2014
No Shows

Well all I can get are the lousy commercials. I've got 2+gb of internet going and that should be enough. It app works on the tablet just fine - but you'd think a more powerful laptop with Win 8.1 it would work. APP SUCKS.............

Reviewer 5410 · 1/31/2014

this app has lots of obscure channels, and the local selections are limited. If you want to watch obscure Arabic infomercials this app is for you.

David · 1/29/2014

this app. is one of the better ones out there if your internet speed is a little higher than average. it has a record feature also. a lot of selection is there to watch, but you must wade through them all. I have had no trouble watching any, there are short commercials in most of them unless you elect hd, of course there is a charge for that. s/d seems good enough for most movies. your puter will need to have a little more than average resources ( I have 12 gig) so there is no problem there.

Sonu · 1/10/2014
Doesn't work anymore!

App used to work great had great channels... I liked the bikini section most for the *fap sessions* on those lonely afternoons & late nights but now this app won't even go past the start Flimon logo! and no offense those "other channels" should have a parental advisory column..I mean I don't have any kids so no problem for me but for other people it could be an issue.

Alan · 12/3/2013
Not For Me

Looks interesting, but I guess I don't have enough internet speed. The videos sputter and spit and buffer when they play at all. The stations are mostly unknown (to me) with a few PBS etc. thrown in. Overall I would say this app is worth a look. You can always delete it.

JOHN · 11/3/2013
Good concept..but choppy service ruins it.

This app is a good...but choppy video. I have a 50m/bit connection. No way the video should be choppy. The audio channels are stutter as well.

Reviewer 1798 · 10/10/2013
my review

excellent app,but please let the radio play in background and make a list of channels like windows "all apps" ,it's annoying to scroll in metro style

Jean Marc · 9/13/2013
Lots of potential

Used to work great, but now it lags and stops playing every minute or so. Please fix this

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