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mahe · 8/3/2015

Good application. But it can't show more than two lines on lock screen.

Daniel 3ICE · 7/22/2015
Few lines of text, resets, Windows 10 broken

Windows 8: You only get three lines to work with, unfortunately. I was able to fit my name, address, and phone number in there, but just barely. Thanks for reviving the good old owner info from windows mobile 6 for me. 5/5 Edit: Resets all the time. Lock screen reverts to blank. New rating is 3/5 because when it works it works well. Edit 2: In Windows 10 new lines are ignored, it shoves everything on one line, overflowing off screen. That is 66% less words than before. It was already too limited. Now it outright blows. 2/5

Chip · 8/3/2015

•Very nice 😊 •Easy to use •and I do recommend if you are unhappy about the font, download "cool fonts free" where you can copy and paste the word and it will change the font but not the color

Nicole · 6/30/2015

No bells and whistles, just does what it says it does--but does it well. I use this as a helpful reminder for things that would get lost in a note app, or in a calendar alert that could easily be dismissed. The text sits under the time, so it's visible, but it doesn't obstruct my wallpaper. I'd say this is a must-have!

Carolyn · 8/12/2015

Near perfect. Only thing I'd add is placement on screen eg top, middle, bottom. I love the app though.

justice · 4/22/2015

Love you

Muhammad · 3/19/2015

does not work, I hate this, delete alone.😢

ravi · 11/16/2014


Krista · 10/21/2014

It's stupid. It should have options where you can choose your font, size, color, etc.

maizbha · 10/14/2014

Sometimes make serious problem


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