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Bede · 8/18/2015
Love it


Bugs · 8/17/2013

Keeps saying can't find city but then finds it. Requires all widgets but then puts everything in the top left corner and unreadable. Asks you to get city you just found every time you make a change. Nags you constantly about buying and then even reminds you again on the lock screen. Feels like an alpha project, not even worthy of beta. Kinda like a school project. No continuity of design or organization. Should be free until ready for prime time. Otherwise has potential.

SuGaRDaD · 7/13/2013

Weather search function fixed trial version is more useful now Time to make UI better, eh? Also A. There's no way to disable single widget other than start all over B. There's no Interval for the weather updates THREE Stars for now!😃

Dustin · 5/25/2013

5 star for innovation to WP. Nice update. Keep going with it dev. Weather location services would help and a small overhaul of some of its detail. Thank you.

Shaun · 5/25/2013

Couldn't get a city or state to show up with weather and the nag ad was pretty much constant.

Habibul'lah · 3/24/2013

Three for good start...I like an app that can combine these types of info into one as opposed to having and app for each...but there is improvement needed...the battery widgets look awful with there reflections and such on the finished lock screen...in America, we use fahrenheit for temperature calculation and imperial as opposed to metric...so it needs to be available as option...also, graphics for lock screen are diminished in final look...they get pixelated because they are not the right size for the screen...start with a larger screen size and work your way down as opposed to bottom up...you should have seen this on your 8x...very noticeable on my 920...also need text color options for weather...black text on darker colors just doesn't work...I also hate Microsoft's white only text...doesn't work with some pictures either...all and all good idea, but improve implementation! The other raters just say sucks but don't say why or even what they want out if it...

Evan · 8/18/2013

Crud for now. Won't find my city, then tells me weather search limit was exceeded.

Gary · 5/25/2013

Info doesn't lay out correctly on start screen, all sits on top of each other

Jeremiah · 5/25/2013

Terrible design 😞

Carlos · 10/3/2013

Great app


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