• Translate , rotate and resize object
  • Add shapes like triangle , square,circle,polygon,polyline , ellipse etc
  • Image processing
  • Dingbats
  • Save and share options
  • Different background themes
  • Variety of logos

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R · 5/21/2014
Works but is Very Limited

Technically, this app can make a logo. If you're looking to make a logo for a child's school club or something along those lines, then yes, this app can make the logo. However ... The app has only seven (7) fonts and some of those aren't what you'd want for a logo. The "Design Text" feature simply converts your text to one of 16 graphic fonts (the same way dingbats font does). The clip art is ok though limited. I'm also wondering about the usage rights of the art. All in all, it's a ok app but has its limitations. But hey, it's free so you're not out anything for trying it. FWIW, the app was made using a trial version of Telerik UI. I know because it flashes a request to buy the pay version from time to time. Not really a big deal though. BTW, if I'm correct, this review (because it's less than 5 stars) will quickly get a lot of not helpful votes. Seems to be the pattern with this app.

Saad · 4/5/2014
really simple and fast :)

nice app and easy to use.

Ghazanfar Khan · 4/2/2014

Simple Fast Easy :)

Ed · 4/23/2014
It was free

The adage "you get what you pay for" is very appropriate for this app. Very limited selections and just silly busy activity assured a quick uninstall.

Brian · 4/9/2014
This is BAD and you should feel Bad

Seriously this app is awful and you should steer clear for a mile around. If you want 1999 MS word Clip Art as your Logo then go for it seriously. Using this is like having a monkey throw its poop at a keyboard with Word open to produce a Brand-Mark. This is an insult to Design in general and is offensive to me as I specialize in Brand Creation, everything in it is bad, its layout is bad, its own logo is bad, its color selection, font selection, EVERYTHING IS BAD. There is a reason there are Designers who use REAL programs to create REAL Design and by further a reason why its a profession. Don't attempt this at home its not safe for your children, the dog will whimper and the cat scamper. Don't listen to all those 'rave' one liner reviews they clearly are coerced or have no idea what they are talking about. Its bad, it will make your business look foolish, outdated, tacky, and will likely do more to hurt you then ever help. Seriously.

Raza · 4/3/2014
cool app

nice app.. awesome (y)

peter · 4/17/2014

looking for next update

Michelle · 10/19/2014


محمد · 5/8/2014
محمد الزهور

تطبيق ممتاز

kislaya · 5/6/2014
5 stars

5 stars

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