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Veronica · 7/16/2015

This is really easy and fast to use.😊

Kevin · 7/27/2015

I really like this AP, but it needs some updates. There could be more barcode code types, and the scanner does not like to focus very well. Still a godsend. Definitely worth paying a little for if it was updated.

David · 6/15/2015

It works, and is very simple, easy to use. Use camera to grab picture of card and to acquire the bar code. No manual entry.

Christopher · 6/8/2015

Real smooth and was to use. Great for when your actual card is worn. Makes scanning easier.

jeff · 6/9/2015

Needs work. Needs to support two photos, front and back. The account number covers too much of the card photo, requiring the photo ti be taken in a way to still show the card, but then the card is too small

Mark · 6/1/2015

What is the point of having a backup of rather than backing up it overwrites it.

Jerry · 2/2/2015

Needs a password option added...good app

MT · 9/12/2014

Pros: Can upload to/download from Skydrive, simple to use, nice touch with the photos, quick and simple. Cons: Sort? Why not? Better for the user. Better barcode scanning. I had to download barcode scanner to properly scan and determine the code type of half of my cards that this app could not scan.

Nick · 4/24/2014

Doesn't work very well with the Lumia 1020. The barcode scanner can't read any of my barcodes.

User · 4/19/2014

Won't read barcodes