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Virendra · 1/18/2015

Medieval app. Not worthy of space on phone.

Radosław · 1/4/2015

All was Ok till now.. When i have noticed huge amount of cellular data used by this app 500MB at 3 weeks... Why?

Dirk-Jan · 1/4/2015

Useless, can probable not deal with middle names and therefore unable to find any bookings at all. Regardless of how middle name is written (e.g. with or without spaces, or even left out), it won't find bookings. Through website, it works flawless, so really a bad App coding issue.

Jean-Philippe · 11/16/2014

Good and useful

Ralf · 9/22/2014

I fail to see the advantage of this app. All data is taken online, no offline caching happens at all (which makes it useless outside my home network), and even the alerts couldn't be set up...

Hans · 7/19/2014

Super basic... Pathetic really :(

Adrian · 6/11/2015

Great app. Very usable and pleasant interface. Love The wallpapers btw, please add more photos!

Atul · 8/23/2015

Good app. Short and sweet!

Shivinder · 5/16/2015

Excellent app. Gives summary as well as detailed info of booking. But you cannot add a booking if last name on ticket does not match yours even if you paid for it.

Michael · 6/15/2015

I got this just to follow my spouse's flights, and it was way better than I expected. Multiple live tiles, push notifications - better than offerings I've seen from other carriers.


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General optimization and bug fixing. *** LUFTHANSA TRAVEL GUIDE *** Up-to-date information and inspiration – the most important news and tips on 200 destinations.