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BarisHan · 8/22/2015

I really love this app but I am experiencing some few problem with the app: 1. The app closes when I try to use focus and shutter speed and I also can't use the front camera because it closes. 2. Please fix the resolution of the photos that I take with this app because when I compare the photos it looks more boxy.

Hans · 8/22/2015

It sucks, the focusing is way too slow when you're moving around. Also, why isn't there an option to take lower resolution photos? And why can't I toggle the flash on and off while I'm shooting a video?

Yash · 8/24/2015

The best possible app for photos - but tutorial shouldn't show 4s shutter speed and all that if my phone can only do 1s

Darryl · 8/9/2015

Please add High resolution effect...and also please improve the processing when pictures are saved .

Harsh · 8/14/2015

All great but photos I take in portrait are shown in landscape. I have to disable screen rotation to get pics in portrait or edit them afterwards :/

Chandra · 8/12/2015

Works on HTC 8x well Only few things were not working 01) Manual Focusing on both video and Photo modes 02) Not refocus on video mode 03) error pops on burst mode cannot save and something Hope you will fix them in the next update Thanks for providing this app for HTC devices

alireza · 8/11/2015

Very nice 😊 But add more options in shutter speed.

Aloysius · 7/26/2015

Recent update was great.. Startup loading seems faster.. Now, i just need "flash white-balance" option because when i use Xenon, photo seems a bit yellowish.. And perhaps u can increase shutter speed around 16sec.. :D

pouya · 7/29/2015

Very useful app but the speed of loading app kiling me

Mohammed Abdullah Al Noyem · 8/6/2015

Can't edit the pictures taken with this app without Lumia creative studio app. But unfortunately this app isn't available in my Lumia 430 :( and front camera isn't also working with Lumia camera in my phone (Lumia 430). Every time I'm trying to open front camera with this app it's crashing :( :(


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