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Nadia · 8/28/2015
please IMPROVE & FIX

Very hard and slow to operate. Takes ages to capture one panorama. Hard to hold still as it takes a lot of time. So hard to line up each from from another never matches the circle. Please FIX. Only this wants me to switch to iPhone.

Ryan · 8/15/2015

Its ok, could be improve a little more. Should be included in original Lumia Camera app. Needs improvement on focus as well as brightness /glare reduction.

Leonardo · 7/14/2015

I still haven't figured out how an app can be as awful and lacking in so many resources as this one. You'll find yourself chasing the 'next shot' ball for so long you'll rage quit the app, it won't let you change the direction of the panorama, and stitches the pictures so badly you are better off taking individual shots and editing them together later on another app. Just cringe-worthy.

Saswata · 7/14/2015

Those who keep on complaining about this app, this is not a 360 degree panorama. It takes maximum 5pics at a time and stitches together. Although it doesn't give 360 degree view, but its still better than any 360 degree panoroma. At least for a learner. We are not born expert. So if you are a novice, u would definitely make a lot of mistakes while creating 360 degree panorama, which won't make the image look good. So its better to start with this app. It's much easier to create a wider pic than a normal one with this app. And the best part is, once u create a wider pic with this app, u can open the pic from anywhere. Which isn't possible with 360 panorama. You can only open a 360 pic within the app. So don't go with negative reviews. Download and install the app and keep enjoying..👌👌👌

Ivan · 8/30/2015

Very bad pictures stiching... Also takes too long to take pictures.

Mustofa · 6/19/2015

Great even it is a bit difficult to catch the pic x)) You can improve!

João · 6/9/2015

This app is awful, the circle is always disappearing, the panoramas created are terrible. Why can't you do an app like the one that Apple has? It's much easier to use and far far away more user friendly than all panorama apps in Windows store. Please Microsoft, create a built in panorama similar to the one that you can find in IOS devices.

Juan · 8/15/2015

Don't save the photos. Fix this problem.

Cristina · 7/8/2015

Horrible. Poorly stitches photos together. Takes forever to complete. Always says "where are you?" Frustrating to say the least. Need to improve this app. IPhone panorama technology is better.

Shawn · 8/16/2015

Pretty sure this became photosynth or they integrated them. Or maybe the 1520 runs it better.


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