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Nahiyan · 8/16/2015

it's a great app for windows phone but it takes pictures very slow so much time it takes to take a picture so please guys update it. thanks for the app.

Ali · 7/26/2015

Why do all these Lumia collection apps lack transparent tiles? Please make them all transparent.

Sydney · 7/17/2015

Wow! 📷 love this app. Too bad my phone doesn't let me take selfies. But totally awesome! They should definitely add a pen and different inks to doodle on the pictures. And maybe stickers, too, like hearts and crowns and masks.

Valerie · 8/14/2015

So excited to finally be able to take a selfy or group shot on this phone just by touching the screen instead of guessing what button I have to hit on the opposite screen on phone that didn't come with front facing camera or a photo button on the side.

Chavita · 7/6/2015

This camera is better than the one that came with the phone...you can also edit your old saved pictures and there's a count down camera love it...keep up the good work Windows..can't wait for more updates.

Divanga · 7/26/2015

Says my phone storage is full,but I have over 1 GB in phone memory and wont save the pics pls help ...........

Dori · 8/22/2015

I'm annoyed that I can't turn off auto-enhance.. I have green eyes and they ALWAYS look blue when it auto-enhances. -.-

ahmed · 8/19/2015
Why Not available!?

Can't. Download!!? Win10mobile build 10512.

Dávid · 12/15/2014

For 3 days, I cannot update that, from different wifis either.

hamed · 8/18/2015

It's very good 😊 The effect's more than better of other app's


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- Bluetooth selfie stick support with Windows 10