• Communicate from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Easily switch between IM, audio and video, or use all of them at the same time.
  • Stay connected with your colleagues using real-time status updates, presence information, and quick contact search and management.
  • Join Lync Meetings with a single touch, and easily switch between IM, group video, and content views.
  • Take control of shared screens, apps, or PowerPoint decks in Lync Meetings.
  • Stay connected while reducing resource consumption. Lync provides background and connected standby connectivity so you never miss an important conversation.
  • Use apps side-by-side when you need to reference another app or website while using Lync. You can snap Lync to the side of your screen so you can multitask and use both apps at the same time.

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Version Notes

Lync Windows Store app update: March 2014 includes new features. Now you can: • Manage meeting participants individually or as a group. • Easily access conversation controls when you are in a call or meeting. • Quickly start an impromptu meeting using the ‘Meet Now’ feature. • Pin your meetings list as a tile to your Start screen to easily see your meeting schedule. • Pin the Join/Meet Now tile to your Start screen to easily and quickly join scheduled meetings or start a new Lync meeting

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Reviewer 9110 · 7/14/2015

I have a Lync for Business account, but I'm unable to use key feature with this "Lync Windows Store app". Microsoft's charts https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn933896.aspxhttps://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn933896.aspx show how this client lacks key features such as desktop sharing, app sharing, and more. Seems Skype for Business client is what is needed to fully utilize the capabilities of my corporate subscription. Not sure if that client is even available for Win 8.1. Quite frustrating.

John · 7/3/2015
poor effort

having this app installed on my personal computer is dangerous, because if it's open and someone sends me a message, there will be no sign of it anywhere outside this app! even though I have save history to outlook turned on, it doesn't. if I see the alert here but try to open the conversation on my work desktop, it's not there, no indication of a missed message and nothing in history. Uninstalling in favor of the Office365 desktop app until this app can be made compatible with the Office365 ecosystem.

Reviewer 9952 · 7/17/2015
Please fix/disable autocorrect

A responsive, sound experience on 8.1. One annoyance: automatically "correcting" the name of the person in the conversation is not helpful.

matt · 4/16/2015
Works but...limited UI and clunky

Honestly, I don't get notifications when someone messages me. I can't reorganize my list like you can with the windows 7 app. way to metro for switching between conversations. Needs major TLC and rehaul....won't happen since they are moving towards "SKYPE BUSINESS"

Book · 3/24/2015
Surface RT & windows 8.1 incompatible

Certain features are not compatible with between surface & 8.1. desktop/laptop version. . such as sending and receiving of images & screen share viewing. otherwise i love the software.

alex · 5/2/2015
Doesn't scroll chat text all the way down on open

Doesn't scroll chat text all the way down on open. Performance scrolling a long conversation chat down is terrible.

Reviewer 6405 · 6/9/2015
Really, can't share desktop or Apps

If you want to share your desktop you need to run the Lync Desktop, which doesn't integrate well with outlook. The app integrates to outlook well, but doesn't allow you to share.

Darin · 3/5/2015

There seem to be some options missing in the options screen. There is no number of minutes before auto-setting away status or anything like that. Also, no location that I can find for status info.

Carolina · 2/16/2015
It is great but...

It would be nicer if I would be able to share screen and record conversations with this app ;) all the rest great, love it!

Abdisamed · 4/22/2015
Rebranding the app

Can you release an update to this app? This needs to be renamed as Skype for Business.

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