• Crafting emails has never been easier or more powerful, with the familiar and rich capability of Microsoft Word built into the authoring experience. Simply insert tables, add pictures and use bullets
  • Keep up with your inbox with new touch gestures that help you read, sort and archive your mail.
  • The navigation bar provides a quick and convenient toggle, allowing you to move freely between your email and your calendar to get things done.
  • Calendar is optimized for Exchange, with rich support for arranging meetings and managing a busy schedule.
  • Calendar provides helpful, powerful views of your schedule like day, week, and month.

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Andrew · 7/31/2015
Lots of issues

Issues include - COPY/PASTE DOESN'T WORK - Doesn't support HTML in email signature - "Background Picture" that appears when you haven't selected an email is ugly and confusing - List of accounts doesn't tell you how many new emails are in each account, you have to open each individual account - Can't open an email in a new window - Can't view an email full screen This app really sucks. I was starting to like Windows 10, but this app is just embarrassing and clearly not finished yet.

Jon · 7/31/2015
Full of bugs

Windows 8.1 Mail was awesome. Windows 10 Mail is aw...ful. Most of the time no notifications at all, and the app crashed a couple of times. Email accounts which were originally on the left side on Windows 8.1, is now hidden in Account tab. The tab doesn't show which accounts have new mails like in Windows 8.1 app did, I have to click on every account just to check. Seriously? I can't believe they manage to screw up a perfectly good Mail app. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Quoc-Thy · 7/30/2015
A Great Start

Loving the new mail and calendar apps. It behaves much more like the full fledge Office Outlook applications and it is easy to use with touch or mouse. On my tablet it seems fast and fluid. I'm hoping it'll be optimize well for mobile in the future. I would also love it if notification banners for new incoming mail are interactive and include a button to mark as read or to delete. I don't seem to be getting alerts for my calendar events. If it's not implemented, please do. Else, I'll have to figure out why they're not working for me. I'd also like the calendar's live tile to flip through my next several meetings instead of just showing just one.

Meg · 7/30/2015
Windows 8 was better

I was really starting to groove on having the "newsletter" folder. I would put the newsletters in there so I could go look at them later and not have to be bothered with them while I was at work or if a new one came up and I was at work and someone walked by.... then it looks like you're not working. If they automatically go to the newsletters folder then it's fine. I had everything set up to go there or into the regular inbox, but now that I switched to windows 10, that folder is gone so I have to reset everything and create my own folder. I also liked that windows would automatically know which ones were new letters and which ones were not. It was also a cleaner design so it was easier to read. Same with the calendar. It was a cleaner design and easier to see even though it definitely needed a facelift as well.

Brady · 7/30/2015
A massive step backwards.

I finally had a nice clear mail program with the windows 8 mail system, where what I wanted to see what clear: topics and a reading plane, with an easy way to switch between accounts. Now this new program with windows 10 comes along and the ease of reading my inbox in a moment has disappeared. More clicking to get from one account to the next. Smaller topic headers and emails separated by what day they arrived.. make it choppy. Cluttered interface. Honestly, windows doesn't need to do much for me, and mail is one of the few windows programs I use frequently. I'm going to consider re-installing windows 8.1 if I can't find a similar email client than the one I used to have.

Jairo E. · 7/30/2015
Not working on pop3 mail

Tried several ways of creating account with advanced option. No easy way to define SSL ports. Every time creation appears successful and system downloads mail, but when trying to read a "Download message and pictures" message appears which fails to download.

Stephanie · 7/31/2015
Windows Live Mail was better

Okay, so WLM wasn't a snazzy new design that goes "Ooh, we paid our designers so much!" Win10 Mail clearly paid its designers more than the actual engineers because it's so not user friendly. Getting from account to account or message to message is choppy and involves too many clicks. The reading pane is slow to load. And I don't need to be shown my sent messages in the conversation thread because those messages just clutter up my inbox. WLM, despite being 3 years old, is superior. I'll just keep using it.

Jason · 7/31/2015
Great progress

Truly a huge change from Windows 8.1 that app was almost useless. This is a feature packed app, for a tablet. You should not expect this to be outlook desktop version, but very useful it just might be my primary email app now!

Karan · 7/30/2015

Settings don't save. When I change a setting the "Done" button stays grayed out. The conversation view is extremely annoying. Can't view all my accounts at once. Notifications don't work. The layout is pretty ugly when no email is selected.

sanil · 7/23/2015
Needs a lot of hard work.

Don't Like: When I send email there's no way to know if the email is being sent or not. At least show some "Sending animation" icon. I have to manually check in sent items if it is sent. And use windows 10 notification system to tell if the email is sent or not. When I try to forward email from my sent item to another contact, "Mail" tries to download all the attachments. Why should you do that? Just send those attachments from the cloud. No need to download those files into my computers. You cannot select more than one email at once. "Shift click" does not work. Its a basic feature which does not work. Make email list width resizable. User should be able to resize the width of the email list. Outlook app from iOS and android is much better than this one. Make it work same way and it will really be cross platform. What I like: Clean and simple user interface. Very easy to add new email accounts.

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