• Crafting emails has never been easier or more powerful, with the familiar and rich capability of Microsoft Word built into the authoring experience. Simply insert tables, add pictures and use bullets
  • Keep up with your inbox with new touch gestures that help you read, sort and archive your mail.
  • The navigation bar provides a quick and convenient toggle, allowing you to move freely between your email and your calendar to get things done.
  • Calendar is optimized for Exchange, with rich support for arranging meetings and managing a busy schedule.
  • Calendar provides helpful, powerful views of your schedule like day, week, and month.

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sanil · 7/23/2015
Needs a lot of hard work.

Don't Like: When I send email there's no way to know if the email is being sent or not. At least show some "Sending animation" icon. I have to manually check in sent items if it is sent. And use windows 10 notification system to tell if the email is sent or not. When I try to forward email from my sent item to another contact, "Mail" tries to download all the attachments. Why should you do that? Just send those attachments from the cloud. No need to download those files into my computers. You cannot select more than one email at once. "Shift click" does not work. Its a basic feature which does not work. Make email list width resizable. User should be able to resize the width of the email list. Outlook app from iOS and android is much better than this one. Make it work same way and it will really be cross platform. What I like: Clean and simple user interface. Very easy to add new email accounts.

Connor · 7/23/2015
Excellent, much better than Win8

These apps are HUGE improvements over the ones that come with windows 8. They are fast, fluid, actions are easy to find in the menu, and it works great with touch and mouse. I would love to see the swipe actions brought to the trackpad as well as touch screens in a future update.

Tim · 7/27/2015
Conversation view and updates not good

I can't turn off conversation view and it is not syncing properly to my outlook.com mail. It seems like Microsoft should be able to stay in sync with their own mail service. Menus and interface seem much improved and more intuitive than cryptic Windows 8 mail

Tim · 7/21/2015
Needs s/mime or pgp and unified inbox, but ok

It's basic, but get's the task done. A unified inbox, encryption support, and some better mail management a ala google inbox would be nice. it also needs to be able to derive tasks and appointments from emails (like windows phone 8.1 did using cortana)

Sanjay · 7/23/2015
Love it!!!

Its so well organized. Love the easy syncing with android. I was able to add my college account on it without the need to input any pop or imap details. Really good interface and the focused section Is something which Gmail should learn from.

Ayman · 7/22/2015
Crashes a lot, and lacks many features!

* Does not update! * Can't see notifications of unread emails - feature taken off from windows 8.1 version!

Jeremy · 7/25/2015
Very Buggy

The live tile doesn't update most of the time. I have all of my accounts set to check mail "as items arrive" and have notifications turned on, but I rarely get a notification.

Suraj · 7/19/2015
works like a breeze

nice app for simple calendar management and email management!!! although I miss the unified inbox of the previous windows 8 app!!!

Vaibhaw · 7/18/2015
Love it

Great app. Finally something that makes mails easy and fast

Piotr · 7/18/2015
Nice and reliable apps

it is functional and easy to use

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