• Crafting emails has never been easier or more powerful, with the familiar and rich capability of Microsoft Word built into the authoring experience. Simply insert tables, add pictures and use bullets
  • Keep up with your inbox with new touch gestures that help you read, sort and archive your mail.
  • The navigation bar provides a quick and convenient toggle, allowing you to move freely between your email and your calendar to get things done.
  • Calendar is optimized for Exchange, with rich support for arranging meetings and managing a busy schedule.
  • Calendar provides helpful, powerful views of your schedule like day, week, and month.

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David · 8/1/2015
Full of bugs!

The biggest bug is the lack of notifications. There are NO notifications. Sometimes it takes ages to sync. Other times you can't switch between mail accounts, for who knows what reason. Please, please, please, fix these bugs. Fix responsiveness, fix notifications, fix syncing. I want to love this app, but it's impossible right now in its current state.

Reviewer 6954 · 8/3/2015
OK, but missing some "normal" features

Trying it instead of Thunderbird. TB is a resource hog and this is far better. No "rules" option, though. That may be a killer!

Manmath · 8/2/2015
Clumsy experience

Though I find lot of good features available, it is difficult to use. I have to select each account to see if there is any new email!! Whoa I ain't be doing this every time. There is some work needed to simplify this. Apart from this there are some issues like sometimes it does not accept keystrokes. I am sure team is working on this. One more consistent issue i see, though I get little mic icon everywhere I type, it just doesn't work.

Zack · 7/31/2015
Love the App Design but Needs Work

The app design is great and much better than the mail in 8.1 making it finally usable. However there are some syncing issues, but usually updated after using the manual update button. Also please make a dark mode version as we keep suggesting in the Insider Feedback.

Andrew · 7/31/2015
Lots of issues

Issues include - COPY/PASTE DOESN'T WORK - Doesn't support HTML in email signature - "Background Picture" that appears when you haven't selected an email is ugly and confusing - List of accounts doesn't tell you how many new emails are in each account, you have to open each individual account - Can't open an email in a new window - Can't view an email full screen This app really sucks. I was starting to like Windows 10, but this app is just embarrassing and clearly not finished yet.

Allen · 8/1/2015
Multiple Problems

The main problem is that it doesn't sync, which means I can't see emails from other people in the app. It gives me an "Error code: 0x80070032" which I can search on windowsphone.com, which gives no results. Along the same note, you have to sync each folder separately, instead of being able to sync them all at once. It also made all of the folders it thought were unimportant (anything but Inbox, Sent Items, and Drafts) harder to find.

Ken · 8/2/2015
Functionality is limited

Being a Microsoft product I would have expected more. I have better functionality using the outlook.com webmail on Google Chrome than I have in Microsoft's own Windows 10 based application. The navigation is cumbersome at best and I have to use the poorly placed expander bar to get to my folders. Who was the person that decided that opening the expander bar to see my folders should cover the actual messages. Horrible interface with poor navigation. Try again please it is easier to use the mail app on my Windows Phone than this desktop app. I gave it 2 stars, just because I was able to at least see my messages.

Jon · 7/31/2015
Full of bugs

Windows 8.1 Mail was awesome. Windows 10 Mail is aw...ful. Most of the time no notifications at all, and the app crashed a couple of times. Email accounts which were originally on the left side on Windows 8.1, is now hidden in Account tab. The tab doesn't show which accounts have new mails like in Windows 8.1 app did, I have to click on every account just to check. Seriously? I can't believe they manage to screw up a perfectly good Mail app. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

Reviewer 9367 · 8/3/2015
Great apps - clean design, work well but needs more

Love the new design and everything works well. I've always been 100% google focused and after a few days of being acclimated to the new Microsoft apps, I can say that they work well and have a clean design. There are some important features that hopefully will be integrated over time. There seems to be no control over notifications; wish they would stay on my screen longer than 2 seconds

Quoc-Thy · 7/30/2015
A Great Start

Loving the new mail and calendar apps. It behaves much more like the full fledge Office Outlook applications and it is easy to use with touch or mouse. On my tablet it seems fast and fluid. I'm hoping it'll be optimize well for mobile in the future. I would also love it if notification banners for new incoming mail are interactive and include a button to mark as read or to delete. I don't seem to be getting alerts for my calendar events. If it's not implemented, please do. Else, I'll have to figure out why they're not working for me. I'd also like the calendar's live tile to flip through my next several meetings instead of just showing just one.

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