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Ali · 8/12/2015

I'VE got an internet connection but it says you've not

Bonnie · 2/12/2014

Software could not understand simple words spoken in English

User · 3/30/2014

Just wish you could use the home button to open the all but other than that, AWESOME app😃

User · 3/13/2014

I wish you could press the home button so it would come on instead of opening the app 😒

Clinton · 1/21/2014

Great app just needs to be integrated into Windows Phone so that you can hold the start button and use it without having to open the app. It would also be nice to be able to ask questions and retrieve answers from yahoo answers. This app is awesome and I can finally ditch my iphone, so thank you for supporting windows phone and making this awesome app. Any updates coming anytime soon? There has only been like one update since release...

louie · 1/1/2014

Everytime I try to do something with time it sets it back 3 hours before the time I actually say. So if I want to set an alarm I have to think of what time it will be 3 hours after my wanted time.

J. Ian · 10/6/2013

Get this now. It has everything. Well, if I'm being super critical: I wish it let you buy the tickets to movies instead of just seeing the showtimes; I wish it greeted you when you opened it; I wish it were as personable as INDIGO (tell jokes, etc.); I wish it allowed reminder deletion; I wish it were available on Windows 8 tablets also.

User · 9/7/2013

I've never used Siri, but Maluuba is great. The only way to improve it is to refine the app interface and integrate this into Windows Phone. I can't believe this is free! Really good app and is a must to try.

Matthew · 6/9/2013

I love this app. The only things I'd like it to be able to do are to be able to chat, launch applications, and remove appointments. Other than that, it is great. (As a side note, I find it hilarious that it identifies curse words. Haha.)

User · 6/8/2013

Excellent app! Very helpful and functions great. This absolutely destroys the other assistant apps.


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