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Angelique · 8/28/2015
Does well for a period of time

Good app but it crashes and then will not load the manga because it says I'm off online or there is another problem. Please fix the bugs.

Noah · 8/14/2015
Vary Nice!!!

I love it all but I'll love any new ways Manga Z can improve them selves too.

Ryan · 8/11/2015

This is a great app for reading and downloading manga. The downside it costs you to download as many as you want, but the upside is it's cheap and you only pay once. I like how it lets you choose from which websites to download it from. The downside to the app is it will only let you delete one chapter at a time and only delete the whole series. I would like to be able to delete multiple chapters at once when I need more space. I like that it informs me when a new chapter is ready for my favorite series!

Szarcsak · 8/11/2015
Manga Z - The best

This is the best app for reading manga, I really love it! :D :) :D

Genki · 8/16/2015
An App with Potential Riddled with Stupid Problems

This app requires an internet connection to run AT ALL. What is the point of allowing me to download chapters when I can't read them OFFLINE? (If you have no connection when you try to open the app, it will immediately close) This app also does not allow image scaling to any size. Only a double-tap to full-screen feature when in Landscape Mode on a tablet. You have to pay around $3 for the full app in order to download more than 10 chapters, which I THOUGHT would be worth it until I discovered the ALWAYS-ONLINE DRM (irony).

Mike · 7/29/2015
*Used to do everything I wanted

I used Manga Z for the last few years, worked great for me. I ended up buying the upgrade. Now I suddenly can't launch the app without it crashing. The app has also been abandoned by the developer(s). Now I'm stuck trying to find an alternative to this app. This is an amazing manga app, best I've used. However only if it will stop crashing.

Reviewer 1837 · 7/27/2015
THE Best

Love everything about being able to read all the manga i love!!!

Ray · 7/23/2015
It good but it's more

It good but it need more like saving all the favorite, when you download is does not show in collection, also there is a problem with the download it keep on cancelling, and I just wish you don't have to update the catalogue just update by it self

Reviewer 2212 · 7/18/2015

It downloads chapters that wouldn't my kindle for ages and ages and so much bigger screen soo happy!

Reviewer 6585 · 7/11/2015

Easy to use and has a huge selection of Manga!



  • Advance downloading allows you to read manga while we download the rest in the background
  • Download manga chapters so that you can read them later even when offline
  • Favorites to keep track of the manga you love
  • "New!" indicators to tell you that your latest favorite manga is available
  • History to let you track manga series you have read
  • "Unread" indicators tell you where to continue from where you have left off
  • Seach for your manga series by name and author
  • Top 500 popular view with "cover flow"
  • No ads while you are reading your manga.
  • Notifications to keep you informed when your new favorite manga chapters are available
  • Ability to turn on/off safe search filter
  • Ability to filter mangas by genres

App details

Version notes

Release 12: - Add the long-awaited Genre filter - Search by Author - Perf improvement. Release 11: - Fix MangaFox source Release 10: - Download Boost for full version - Bookmark - New Release View for online page Release 9: - Ability to turn on/off safe search filter Release 8: - Notifications for favorite manga - Ability to start app in different page Release 7: - Bug fixes (Collection is now scrollable. Progress now includes percentages) Release 6: - Bug fixes (MangaEden Favorite and histories are now viewable, cover image fixes) Release 5: - User can now delete entire series - Added in tutorial page on startup - Bug fixes Release 4: - Add Manga Eden as the 4th source! - Performance improvement – in particular, we pre-load the cover thumbnails for the top100 manga so they show up immediately. - Better feedback when something goes wrong. - Typical bug fixes. Release 3: - Add Kiss Manga as our 3rd source. Kiss manga provides high-quality scans and very fast download speed. Kudo to them. - Support double-tab zoom so you will be able to enjoy manga with long-style pages (e.g. Noblesse) - Add download manager so you track the progress of your download and cancel them. - Prevent the machine to go to sleep mode while downloading. - Minor bug fixes. Release 2: - The download series now give proper feedback when clicked. - The scrollview now change pages the correct way. - The navigation bar can now be access more easily.

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