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Never Twice · 10/21/2011

Would be nice if updated to show actual Mango functionality since Mango has been released, otherwise it's obsolete!!!

Alaskan Paladin · 9/19/2011

Yah, yah... Sure, sure. All wonderful. But what about the stuff we REALLY need? What about individual call duration logging that lasts longer than two seconds? Integrated RDP... One that works without special apps or client software? How about D: Drive'esk access? While they're at it, how about a decent Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) system? Maybe a beer tapper, too? MGD LIte, please?? The gist of this is that so far you are reporting (albeit in a very nice package), nothing we didn't already know from 50 other web sources. What about the little stuff we really need? Still waiting for some real information that goes beyond media hype. Did they fix the vanishing call logging... The calls that don't log if you are already on a call? My old Sony didn't have that issue. Did they fix the logging issue with dropped calls? Did they fix the stumbling and stuttering that requires a power cycle to fix? How about the lockup issue that needs a fuil battery removal to fix? Hype!

LoKoTe kILLer · 5/31/2011

Gives links and info... That's all...

Павел · 7/19/2015


Rachael A. · 5/5/2015


Arian · 11/8/2013

New app coming from the author soon!

haled · 7/21/2014

Good choice

jenyp1019 · 9/16/2011

All it is is info about what's in the mango update

Beeka Online · 8/24/2011

Handy summary of new features. Would be even better with references or updates on what has been confirmed.

xreyz360 · 2/21/2012

Add Bing search to each feature about that feature it would make it useful


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