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Michael · 7/14/2015
Maps Pro delivers on its promises

Initially, I experienced a snag with the off-line maps feature, but the developer provided prompt, courteous, and effective intervention to correct the issue and address the bug in the application. The advertised features are performing quite well and I consider this application to be worth its nominal cost. Nice work!! -- Mike Sheehan

Reviewer 2156 · 7/10/2015
Distance between Points

I have been using Maps Pro for several months and I really like using it. I use it for driving directions as well as planning hiking. The many different map styles is powerful. I have never seen that before. I can switch from satellite views to USGS Topo maps to vector maps. One feature I would like to see is distance between two points. There is a scale on lower left side but that is difficult to use between two points on a map.

William · 10/13/2014
Needs to work without Internet

I commend the author for supporting USB/Bluetooth as this is very important for a tablet/laptop navigation system. I can confirm that works. Any serious navigation system has to be able to search without the internet. Even with Verizon there are many dead spots. I also noted that the default view of the map was not the normal driving view I am used to seeing on a GPS. Did not have time to play with and went back to Copilot Live because needed a GPS that will work without the internet.

Michael J · 1/22/2014
Does not work if I am not connected to wi-fi

not much use as a navigator if I have to be connected to wifi

Brian · 2/21/2013
No turn by turn

The maps are pretty useless in the car without turn by turn. Especially when driving through the city.

Reviewer 3693 · 6/11/2015
Its TERRIBLE, and the developer aint great

I'm so mad at the app for lack of documentation and online support. using this map offline will cost you $5 for the app and $10 for the download, but the downloaded maps don't even have road labels (or any text). They get $5-$15+ for each user, and THERE IS NOT EVEN A REAL WEBSITE. I'm mad at the developer for claiming that this makes a satisfactory navigation experience, I'm mad at myself for giving it $15 when I knew during the trial it was terrible, and I'm mad at Microsoft for taking ownership of the fantastic Nokia Here Maps but not using it to provide a good nav app on this anemic platform, I'm mad at you (the reader of this review) for reading this far but probably trying it anyway, and I'm mad at the dev community because this is the best nav app I've come across in this god forsaken store, and I'm mad at google for not making more desktop apps, i.e. google maps. And I'm mad at Microsoft FURTHER because I can't give this app negative stars. GAAAAAAHHH TAKE ALL THIER STARS!

Reviewer 4669 · 6/1/2015
Best maps program for win 8.1

Finally a good map app for windows 8.1, you must have 8.1 for it to work properly. Maps downloaded quickly even on my HP Stream 7 which is very light on processor power. When using Dual external GPS I found that you have to open Maps Pro and let it complete startup prior to turning on GPS or it has a tough time finding it via Bluetooth. Only other item we would like it when zooming in and out of maps when off road using Offline maps sometimes the trails we are on disappear and then re-appear when at different zoom levels. This makes for difficult navigation in the back country. Other than that the app performed quite well on our Surface 3 in the backcountry with Offline maps and external GPS.

Michael · 6/13/2015
This App just keeps getting better!

This app is great, runs perfectly on my Surface Pro 2 Laptop. When I have a problem, tech support responds almost in real time. The range, richness, and types of maps available are awesome. I had a bit of a problem with the voice navigation, but the developer took a personal interest in getting the problem solved.

Steven · 4/15/2015
Maps Pro Works Online and Offline (Apr 2015)

I wanted to write this review to balance some of the negative comments that were made early in this app's history. I can report that Maps Pro works very well on my Surface Pro 3, and that includes off line operation using vector maps downloaded from the Store. Compared to the cost of Streets and Trips, Maps Pro is very low price, yet it performs all the core functions necessary for personal navigation. When online, Maps Pro offers a choice of map styles including Google, vector and some other map types with multiple styles in each map type. The user interface is reasonably, although not entirely, intuitive and new users can be up and operating within about a half hour or less. The app can use both internal and externally supplied GPS for real time location. I use a Qstar Bluetooth GPS module and it works fine. Routes / directions are relatively easy to set up and the user can establish waypoints to "pin" the route to specific roads or intermediate destinations.

Reviewer 2543 · 4/16/2015
Really neat map - connects to external usb GPS

Installed on an ASUS Transfomer tablet and connected to a GlobalSat ND105 usb gps. Took a little time to get it going (I'm not the best at software) but great help from customer support. Its great being able to download the maps for offline use.



  • Add your own files: Maps Pro can open your CSV, KML, KMZ, GPX, GeoPDF and GeoJSON files
  • Offline Maps: Maps Pro uses the latest technology to display vector maps while you are offline
  • Create beautiful maps: Maps Pro allows you to change the style of your map, choosing from over 20 different styles and providers including Nokia, ESRI, MapBox, Stamen, OpenStreetMap ( OSM ) and Bing
  • Geolocation: your location is automatically detected by Maps Pro. Maps Pro is now the only Windows 8 Store application compatible with external Bluetooth GPS!
  • Directions: Maps Pro helps you find your way with its powerful directions engine. Get directions and get driving instructions (with voice) using text-to-speech
  • Points of Interest: Display points of interest (POI) such as restaurants, cinemas, bars, etc. from 80+ categories, with reviews and details.
  • Street View: Access Google Street View and experience HD images in full screen.
  • Maps Pro is the best replacement for Microsoft Street and Trips, now discontinued by Microsoft.

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Version 95 Maps Pro is now compatible with a wider range of Bluetooth GPS devices, including SkyPro and Garmin devices Please note that Maps Pro is fully compatible with Windows 10 Version 93 / 94 Georeferenced PDF (alias "GeoPDF") are now supported in Maps Pro. Fixed issues that happened on Windows 10

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