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David · 7/9/2015

Great app, easy to use & very accurate.

User · 7/23/2015

It's ok, sometimes. Often it will take the longest route possible. Even when settings are set to fastest or shortest. Added an extra hour➕ to our drive and we missed our friends at take off. Bammersauce!

Bill · 7/23/2015

Improved? More difficult. I'm rolling, trying to get directions and too many options pop up. Improvement would have been voice guidance. Now it doesn't "talk to" Waze very well either. Should select "Directions," then "Use Waze," then Waze should work, but it doesn't.

Michael L. · 7/22/2015

Thanks, my phone ap just wasn't so swift. Once loaded, working with my original AP, now it is very accurate, within feet of my location, great program !!!

User · 7/24/2015

So easy and simple to use yet effective

April · 6/24/2015

There is no option to turn off the 3D view; I prefer the flat view always. There seems to be an inconsistency in when random points are dropped on the map. When you select a destination (restaurant, store, etc), the top of the listing is the street view image. Because the image takes longer to load than the text, the text for directions will shift down when the image loads. Often when I'm trying to get directions, I end up in street view. I appreciate the option to show subways on the map.

Ivan · 6/22/2015

Pretty good and useful app. Could use a little more accuracy, but it serves its purpose.

Mark · 7/18/2015

Awesome....easy and accurate!

Royce · 6/14/2015

The app is very well done but traffic colors are hard to see against the map colors, printed labels to small to read while preoccupied keeping a car on the road, and the Bing POI locations are wrong so often that I will use occasionally use Google as tool of first choice to find things when it absolutely positively has to be right the first time.

Mike_Rhonda · 7/25/2015

I like the traffic alerts, wish there were a way to save favorite places.