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Jeff · 4/20/2013
Great way to get my MaximumPC fix

I'm a subscriber to the print edition, but I love skimming the articles on my Surface as well. One quibble - wish I could pinch to zoom on the articles, but otherwise a great UI.

PJ · 3/20/2013
Mixed emotions

I have mixed feelings about MaximumPC Online. On one hand it's a nice, neat, fairly user friendly delivery system for all the useful current news to use from M'PC. On the other hand there is no bookmarking or news item save feature provided. I guess I'll depend upon screen prints to keep an un-indexed inventory of items I'd like to refer back. I don't suppose there is an archive of past topics?

Austin · 2/6/2013
Good stuff

Simple and easy to use. Works well. Thanks!

Taylor · 2/5/2013
Finally PC News app that works!

I have maximum PC subscription and love the mag and always on the website. Good info, trusted, and accurate. Also doesn't help being the only PC new app that works on W8 (PC World is horrible along with ign's app) Installed on my PC and Surface. Great job! Mostly use to check gaming PC news but also have some general PC topics that get my attention. MUST GET if your into PC's!

Ron · 1/26/2015
it wont open

not a very good app it wouldn't open

JonB · 3/29/2014
Awesome sauce

Works well. Love maximum pc

japanoboe · 5/14/2013

About half the pictures do not load within the articles. Videos do not load because it says Flash is not installed (IT IS INSTALLED). About 75% of the content seems to be the same for the last 5 months. I will stick with the print version for a while.

Mike · 2/6/2013
Needs work

Search doesn't work. More than a fair share of the content is prejudicial. But the best part is not comments from the peanut gallery!

Luis · 2/4/2013

Awesome! I like it!

Dwayne · 7/28/2015
Doesn't Work in Windows 10 for me.

It opens then immediately closes. Assuming they get this fixed, I'll look the app over and re-evaluate again at a future time. I love MaximumPC and would love to rate the app better eventually.

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