• Manage Music, Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Videos.
  • Navigate by Artist, Album, Genre, Playlist.
  • Play mp3, m4a, ogg, flac, wma etc. with volume leveling and equalizer.
  • Edit tags and playlists.
  • Access content via UPnP/DLNA.
  • Support for MediaMonkey Sync keeps tracks, metadata, play history, & bookmarks in sync with your desktop.

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Version notes

Release 10: Added support for disc# Fixed numerous crashes related to browsing / sorting / semantic zoom in large collections Fixed UPnP fails completely in some environments Fixed UPnP cache not cleared Fixed 'select all' triggers a crash in UPnP views Fixed UPnP message appears on non-UPnP views Fixed covers not read from MP3 files with ID3v2.2 Fixed multiple values are presented without separating spaces Fixed artwork doesn't show in Live Tile / Volume Popup/ Notification popup Fixed years fail to display in some cases Fixed Lyrics settings don't persist Release 9: Added decades to semantic zoom in Year view Fixed semantic zoom for Genres should show genre text instead of letters Fixed view animations don't work correctly in some cases Fixed failed upgrades that occur in some environments Fixed possible crash when generating grouped cover Fixed rating import from WMA Improved database stability Release 8: Added navigation by folder Added navigation by year (more improvements coming) Added option to remove track from DB or DB and system Fixed random freeze when browsing library and scanning on background Fixed crash when running MM8 using double click on media file in explorer Fixed numerous issues when switching between views

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Reviewer 4316 · 7/1/2015

So we have all these options to show notifications from MediaMonkey, and to even show status on the lock screen. BUT, I don't see any of this, even after setting everything to on. Plus on the Metro, there is no Live Tile functionality for the charm. ???

Shawn · 6/14/2015
Good Touch Screen Media Player

But misleading: the description says you can manage podcasts, but podcasting subscriptions and finding podcasts is not actually a function of this app. If you have another app downloading podcasts, this will surely play them though.

Reviewer 6657 · 6/5/2015
This app will DELETE your playlists!

This app is wonderful! If you want most of your playlist to DISAPPEAR! I spent DAYS building my playlist, only to find 85% of it to be GONE! THANK YOU, MediaMonkey, for WASTING MY TIME & building my anxiety levels! Music is the ONLY thing that helps me deal with my various array of bullshit, I have to deal with! Thanks, SO MUCH for making it WORSE! I didn't think that was POSSIBLE!

Reviewer 5259 · 6/7/2015
Wont recognize entire database

Only indexes 5762 songs out of 88,000. Useless. Navigation is serial, takes forever to find the artist or song. I've used MediaMonkey LIFETIME Gold for many years. This doesn't seem to work at all and I cannot find any answers anywhere

Val · 4/26/2015
Very good. Almost great..

Very, very good app. If you could make the controls bigger, and had more folder options like always scan a specific drive on start it would be perfect :

Reviewer 7518 · 4/26/2015
Pretty awesome so far

I like the way the app can snap and not take a lot of space, allowing you to continue to use the desktop and control your music without having to move windows around.

Seth · 4/5/2015
solid start, but flawed

I was looking forward to this app since Xbox music leaves organizational options aside and Music Info is broken. This looks like a solid start, but I don't see any way to use this to sync a playlist to a music player, something simple that desktop MM does very well.

Derek · 3/24/2015

Clean design, good features, and great sound. Works well.

Ryan · 3/30/2015
The best music player for Metro

I have tried almost all FLAC players on the store and my conclusion is this is the best music player on the store. Not stuttering on connected standby while playing FLAC flawlessly unlike others. For those who get stuttering sound when playing FLAC, turn off audio processing on settings. Thanks developer for this application.

Brandon · 4/28/2015
Almost 5 stars

It works great. I like it far better than the default Windows 8 Music app. The only thing keeping me from 5 starring it would be the album art doesn't show up on the volume popup(it is replaced with a mediamonkey logo). I don't know if they'll ever change that. But it's my only gripe.

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