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Murt · 1/14/2014
eeerrrggghh...Rough as Sandpaper. Look Elsewhere!!

Sometimes, it's easy to tell whether there was a large amount of effort put into polishing off a product. This is one of them. And this is not polished--it's rougher than sandpaper. Grievances: --Since when did the pinyin for Taiwan (which is practically the same as the English spelling) have a B in it?? --For some reason, the only way I can get the tracing to work is if I set my "First Language" to my target language. Confusing. --Some audio files say different things than the written words. If you're studying a language, the last thing you want is to learn the wrong thing...It's for this reason alone that that this app is worth skipping. Oh, and having the settings tucked into the sidebar/charms for all apps doesn't help very much either, but that's a Microsoft issue, isn't it? ;)

Prudhvi · 5/22/2013
Days of Week missing!!

Could you update your app by adding French words for days of the week?

code for · 1/25/2013
Limited, but nice

Just to be clear, there's no option to test your knowledge, no adding cards. It just shows you the words. But that, it does well: with nice pictures, and even a live tile! This is very good for a free app. I noticed a few mistakes: sometimes my writing isn't deleted when I move to a different word. The Korean word for "fish" is wrong: the picture shows a "fish in the sea", but the word is for "fish ready to eat". Those are two different words in Korean. Finally, "last word" does not work.

Juan · 11/6/2012
Very didactic

I like the simplicity of the application to get the user familiar with basic words.

Joey · 10/23/2012
Simple to use

my kids love it. very interesting group of graphics

Song · 11/5/2012
OK... but... BAD AUDIO: Korean Audio is horrible

BAD AUDIO: Beginning of words are cut off, voices are inconsistent in gender and volume...



  • Includes over 600 words in 15 categories, with each word available in 6 languages.
  • Each word is displayed in 2 languages, along with the pronunciation (for Chinese, Japanese and Korean only), and accompanied with a picture illustration.
  • Listen to the pronunciation of a word in the selected 1st or the 2nd language by touching the word or the speaker icon next to the word.
  • Practice writing each word in the writing (tracing) area.
  • A tracing language switching icon to switch between the 1st and 2nd language.
  • Multiple pen colors to choose from for tracing.
  • Undo/Redo features for tracing are also available.
  • Share topics with friends through the Share Charm
  • Search for topics through the Search Charm
  • Select the 1st and 2nd languages through the Settings Charm

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