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• You can now view details and adjust settings for any conversation. See who’s in the conversation and tap to view their Facebook profile. You can also manage notification settings, add people to the conversation and adjust the name or photo of a group. • Stickers now load faster and more reliably.

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Rod · 7/21/2015

There wasn't a need to separate fb functions into individual apps.

Alexander · 7/22/2015

Doesn't allow sending videos taken from phone. You absolutely must remove the like button , it should not appear where the send button is after you send a message. Very annoying.

Joni · 7/20/2015

I sometimes feel like those 5 star ratings are either fake or a rash rate/review given to such a sad and disappointing app. PLEASE IMPROVE THIS APP! I use fb and messenger mostly for school so that i could send/save/share files with my fellow classmates. I used to be able to do so in the ios version of both fb and messenger. It's very disappointing that they're unable to do a very important role in communication here in windows phone.

Ephraim · 7/20/2015

Facebook messenger app sucks on windows phone platform. There are no settings to save pictures and videos automatically and i can't even save video manually. With android phone i can do all these without sweat. Joe Belfiore and team come on do something before we loose faith in windows phone.

Ayman · 7/22/2015

Very down from the average: 1 - I can't control it with battery saver. 2 - It showed me online since X time while I'm setting the offline mode. 3 - No voice calls. 4 - No bubbles for faster replies.

Li · 7/17/2015

Eats up my battery life. Even with notifications all turned off, I still get notifications, can't log out the easy way (that is a HUGE ISSUE for me), can't log in to another account... I'm deleting this...

Thato · 7/17/2015

Great app. Please fix the following: * work on Edge/3G * not to load the whole conversation over again (same as WhatsApp)

Smooth · 7/24/2015
Simple, swift, yet needs lot of improvement

PROS : -Quick and straight to point -No cheap adds at all -Works as intended CONS : -Hand users choice to customize video quality/lenght and photo quality in general, mainly the photo quality -Forcing the app upon the users when not necessary drastically lowers quality of service -Needs customization preferences

marwan · 7/13/2015

Stop these updates!! And bring a big abdate that brings new features!! * please we need the *voice call* please treat us like the other platforms. We love facebook and messenger very much.. But we will love ❤ u more when our app be like the other platforms,,please!! Is this so hard?!!

Kenjie · 7/12/2015

Good but could be better... I just hate that it always takes 15 secs to reconnect after coming back and it has no call function (but I don't use it so no biggie). I like the GUI and it's minimalism and sharp edges of bubble speech, hope more improvements to come. Also MORE BATTERY EFFICIENT than it's android counterpart based on experience.