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• You can now view details and adjust settings for any conversation. See who’s in the conversation and tap to view their Facebook profile. You can also manage notification settings, add people to the conversation and adjust the name or photo of a group. • Stickers now load faster and more reliably.

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jose · 7/31/2015

Good but some problems including: Cant make calls Cant make thumb big or small Uses lots of battery Also not as great as messenger on Android

Devin · 7/28/2015

In no way an upgrade from the previous WP integration of messenger. Now it's just another set of terms to agree too, more drain on your battery, and occasionally becomes inoperable and needs reinstalled.

Elin · 7/28/2015

Beginning to kind of hate this app. Not only is it very battery consuming but approximately ones a week it stops working (acts like it is upgrading). The only way I have found out to fix that bug is installing the app and installing it again. Please fix and make a proper upgrade this time.

Evan · 7/30/2015

A necessity if you use facebook chat on even a semi-regular basis. This is a solidly designed app with a lot of useful features but one rather glaring flaw. The app does not rotate with the phone. So if you get into a lengthy text conversation you are stuck typing on the miniscule vertically oriented keyboard.

Rod · 7/21/2015

There wasn't a need to separate fb functions into individual apps.

Derek · 7/29/2015

Alot of bugs to list, needs to be more stabilized and some more features need to be added like messenger to messenger calls. Other then that works good for chatting through facebook, besides the battery drain. Ps. PLEASE add voice calling soon, android and ios are leaving WP in the dust.

Alexander · 7/22/2015

Doesn't allow sending videos taken from phone. You absolutely must remove the like button , it should not appear where the send button is after you send a message. Very annoying.

Joni · 7/20/2015

I sometimes feel like those 5 star ratings are either fake or a rash rate/review given to such a sad and disappointing app. PLEASE IMPROVE THIS APP! I use fb and messenger mostly for school so that i could send/save/share files with my fellow classmates. I used to be able to do so in the ios version of both fb and messenger. It's very disappointing that they're unable to do a very important role in communication here in windows phone.

Ephraim · 7/20/2015

Facebook messenger app sucks on windows phone platform. There are no settings to save pictures and videos automatically and i can't even save video manually. With android phone i can do all these without sweat. Joe Belfiore and team come on do something before we loose faith in windows phone.

User · 7/28/2015

It is not possible to turn off notifications, so your battery won't last more than 12 hours. So you have to turn off internet manually every time. Every time you turn it on - it is notifying you about messages already seen.