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Chris · 8/21/2015

Very enjoyable

Cody · 8/18/2015
Also a bit buggy on windows 10 mobile

ADD SUPPORT TO .GIF IMAGES! All the other platforms do this Profile pictures of people very low resolution Ability to select and upload videos from album Peoples profile pictures do not update as they change them in messenger chats. Messages are sometimes slow to update, I have to leave the window and come back to see new messages at times. Also there is an issue in the newer update where messages fail to send if I close the window too quickly after I press send.... Is this maybe a fix to the battery issue people are talking about? If it was.... Ignore this or find some more efficient way of handling background tasks... Would really love to see it updated to pare with the iOS and Android versions of messenger... ABILITY TO PIN GROUPS TO START SCREEN

Nguyên Lộc · 8/22/2015
Make it Universal

Update this app so we can quick reply messege in windows 10 both on PC and mobile. Ability to pin someone converstation. And use win10 design (with hambuger menu, ... Etc)

Soumik · 8/14/2015

Full of glitches. Takes ages to load and connect the network. Slow. Doesn't send texts in background. The contact images don't get updated and so on and so on. You'll find most of the other complaints in the other reviews. Sucks, big time!!

Steven · 8/19/2015

This app sucks... I can't believe how bad. It keeps saying waiting for network. My internet works great except face book messenger. I have to uninstall and reinstall for it to work. It works for a little bit and starts all over again. Please fix this bug.

Bobbi · 8/22/2015

I hate this app! It drained my battery so fast I couldn't believe it. Why couldn't you keep the messages in the facebook app? Would it of been that hard? It was so much easier when messages was integrated with the facebook app. Now I have to go back and forth. I can't even log out of the messenger app I have to uninstall it and then reinstall it! I hate it!

Antonio · 8/20/2015

A friend sent me a funny video. I opened the facebook app to watch it, but I can't open it there, I have to download the Messenger app. Oops! It turns out I can't open the video here either, as this apps takes me to the browser, where I'm not even signed in to facebook. So much for usability.

Jason · 8/24/2015

Could yall do something about the way this thing works in terms of speed? It's so slow it's annoying.

Karl · 8/15/2015

When I had this app on my Nokia Lumia 810, it worked great! Now with my Microsoft Lumia 640, it takes forever to sync, if it even syncs at all! ...even though it is the same 8.1 OS! Microsoft needs to seriously up their game when 10 is released in October, otherwise iOS & Android are going to reach their monopoly status! Disappointed Microsoft! >=(~

Himal · 8/11/2015
no call and video call feature.

Facebook is the leading social app nowadays, but there's no calling & video calling features for windows phone in fb messenger. Therefore, I am compelled to use Skype for calls. But most of my frns don't use Skype. Having trouble. :( I've used this app in android before. This was excellent. I hope Microsoft will complete the whole feature in this app. ❤ windows phone.


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• You can now view details and adjust settings for any conversation. See who’s in the conversation and tap to view their Facebook profile. You can also manage notification settings, add people to the conversation and adjust the name or photo of a group. • Stickers now load faster and more reliably.