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Hodari · 8/16/2015
Handwriting is laggy....

I bought this app to make the most of my Surface Pro 3 i5 model. Honestly settings are limited. OneNote handwriting is a lot more crisp than Metamoji note. The handwriting mode is very leggy even on my mid range tablet with 4GB ram. I'm disappointed for sure because I like the PDF importing and calligraphy pen. Please update and resolve these issues. The lag almost makes this app unusable for my personal training business usage... UPDATE: Aug. 16, 2015 Windows 10 update seems to make things more stable ☺

E. · 1/28/2015
Not what you expect

Good program but: can not save it back in PDF format, Proprietary file format, Nobody can read it unless has the MetaMoji Note. Waste of money.

Erika · 5/4/2015
Really Really great potential

This app so far is REALLY good -- minus two MAJOR things. 1). Other reviews are correct in the app lagging sometimes. Sometimes it is great with no issues and sometimes it lags like crazy and nothing helps besides exiting twice. 2). No PDF option ---- This needs to be changed right away. The app is great other than this. There is no reason for any app or program to NOT have PDF as an option. The world runs on PDF. Please make this available ASAP. With these two fixes it would absolutely be 5 stars and I would highly recommend it. The lack of PDF is the biggest downfall of this app.

m · 2/12/2015
Is not saving addition pages

This program was great, but for the past 2 months it is not saving additional pages added to ongoing notes most of the time. I have lost countless hours of work. When I reopen a note, most of the time the last sessions additions are gone. Very disappointed!

Jei · 2/6/2015
BEWARE-IShould have read the reviews-No PDF saving

I've used this app before and loved it-but never needed to export to pdf. Now that I need to I can't believe it won't even though it says it can in the description ! And the saving as JPG files does not work for all files

Emma · 9/16/2014
Good App

I really like this app because it's the only one that lets me annotate PDFs. The only thing that sucks is the lag time between loading and the pen. I would love to use it for note taking in class but it's way to slow therefore I use it for studying when I have time to mess with its kinks! Otherwise its a good app fix the pen lag then it would be AWESOME!

Shui Ho · 8/17/2014
Great notetaking, horrible notes portability

The notetaking ability of this app is wonderful and on par with some other brand name note taking app on iOS . Unfortunately this app is extremely poor portability of notes. Namely, this app forces you to cloud sync all your valuable work to their cloud server only, and you are not allowed to sync to other services such as onedrive, icloud. In addition, this also do not allow save your notes as PDF (your only option is print, but requires purchase of related PDF software that gives you a printer driver), and there is literally no way to easily keep your notes in a save location other than the limited 2GB cloud drive they force you to use. Plus not being able to save as PDF means you are forced go use this app to review any of your notes. Its such a wasted potential since the programming for the note taking part is amazing, but the extremely limited portability of said valuable note taking work renders this app unusable. Sad.

Manuel · 5/28/2014
Practical tool

This software is really practical and help me a lot at work. Taking pictures and mark or write on them to indicate some critical features make my journey easy and enjoyable! I would say that this software just need the direct saving to .pdf format to be perfect.

kenny · 4/15/2014
Almost Perfect

This is a very nice app with various pens (i like the fountain pen). But it suffers from lags during fast writing/stroking, making writing in cursive can be unpleasant experience. Please fix this issue. And oh, bigger page thumbnail can be really helpful

Salem · 3/20/2014
Like it, and 2 questions:

I Like it, I really do, I just have a few questions: 1-can you attach youtube clips? 2-can you create url links (but in the sense that it allows you to change the name of the url link)? The app itself seems extremely strong, but if you can do the things above, it doesn't really show it in the manual. Even more, if it doesn't offer the opportunity, is it possible to add them in? I feel like it can influence the app itself to improve dramatically in this fashion. I have no idea if a response may come to this, if I may not see it, please feel free to email me at: TheListeningPostAcrossAmericaChronicles@Hotmail.com I'd like to see where this goes from here. Milestone moment: FIRST REVIEW EVER MADE ON THIS STORE! Enjoy y'alls day!


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[] - Updated for Windows 10 [] - MetaMoJi ID - Bug fixes [] - Voice functions - Live Presentation (Enhanced Jump functions) - Shapes tool - Smart cropping tool - Alignment for objects - Web units - Gold Service - Improved text units - Bug fixes

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