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SUMANTH · 10/27/2013
Not so nice


Java · 10/27/2013
1 file only

Can only select one video at a time

Paul · 8/17/2013
No .mkv support

Please remove mkv from its store search terms - it won't play them, whick is the only thing I wanted it for. Uninstalling,

ronald · 7/14/2013

doesn't support mpeg video files would be nice to have that option

Linda · 3/27/2013
I don't like it.

I've tried to work with this program, but it doesn't seem to be working well on Windows 8, at least at this time.

Chip · 2/26/2013
Does Not Work

Though this pretends to play "removable storage" -- an unnecessarily murky phrase that refers to DVDs and CDs, I'm assuming -- it refused to play either of the DVDs I tried to play through my Lite-On DVD reader. And both were store-bought, main stream, commercial DVDs; they weren't copies or compilations. But Metro kept on asking for a "file" (rather than recognizing the DVD drive and simply playing what was in it).

o · 12/21/2012

I was able to stream an mp3, but when I leave the app, it pauses play. sorry, fail for now

Eric · 12/31/2013
Features not work very well

The change audio speed feature does not work very well with touch controls. It was very hard to get the speed to change. Sometimes it would change a lot and other times not at all. couldn't consistently set it how I wanted. Turned off background audio and it still didn't work. Also does not have support for chapter markers in m4v/mp4 files.

Ella · 11/8/2013
Would be great with bookmarks

I used this for an audiobook. I really like the adjustable playback speed. I'd give 5 stars if there was a way to put a bookmark and resume from the last stopping point.

Masoud · 10/28/2013
Taking metro UI players a level higher

I've tried many media players on windows 8 UI but this one stands on top with its touch-based controls such as speed control. It's fast and let's you choose the color of the interface (apart from that of the Windows itself) and as expected a "URL" opening makes this a necessary app for metro style lovers. Not being able to play MKV at this stage of the development seems to be a way to avoid compatibility issues for MKV is still something difficult to deal with for programmers.



  • Supports most popular video and audio formats (no MKV yet)
  • SRT subtitle file support
  • Uncluttered design
  • Local files as well as open file from URL
  • Swipe gesture for playback rate adjustment
  • Support for mouse, keyboard, special media keys, media remotes and touch.
  • PlayTo DLNA support
  • Background Audio

App details

Version notes

Version Update Added support for ANSI encoded .SRT Files (fix .srt loading issues) Removed background image behind playing media. Mouse cursor disappears correctly after a short timeout. Minor bug fixes/translation fixes Version Update Minor bug fixes/translation fixes Improved launch from file explorer Version Update Added support for more media types Added link to a detailed list of supported files and codecs Added Background Audio capability for all machines with an enable/disable option Added option for a flat metro style tile Added support for SRT subtitle files and captions Improved help file navigation and updated content Multilingual support Added feedback pane More bug fixes, performance enhancements and error handling Version Update Improved error handling for media with missing codecs and other errors. Improved reliability of file association launch of media from File Explorer. Added support for Title and Artist metadata for media containing data. Added Background Audio capability (Intel processor machines only).

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