• Instant notifications for new emails with night mode support
  • Instant live tile syncing between your devices across both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8
  • First-class support for archiving, starred emails, and labels
  • Support for inbox categories (e.g. Primary, Social, Promotions)
  • Seamlessly manage multiple accounts
  • Server-side search functionality with support for advanced Gmail search operators
  • No more broken threads when replying to emails
  • Support for multiple From addresses within the same account
  • Optional live tile support for each account
  • Full support for sending and downloading attachments
  • Contacts auto-completion from your email account
  • Full Win8 integration including split view and share support

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Version Notes

Please do not hesitate to contact us at support@metromailapp.com for all your feedback. We will move as quickly as possible to address any bugs that have escaped our testing. Thank you for your support! Changelog 1.2.7: - Bug fixes Changelog 1.2.6: - Fix: Refreshing folders now works as intended Changelog 1.2.5: - Fix: Addressed issue with moving emails between system folders Changelog 1.2.4: - Bug fixes Changelog 1.2.3: - Update: UI improvements - Fix: Addressed issue with deleting drafts Changelog 1.2.2: - Update: Better handling of names when doing a selection for moving or applying labels - Fix: It is now possible to expand/collapse labels again - Fix: Addressed issue with opening older drafts Changelog 1.2.1: - Fix: Moving or applying labels now works as intended when a large number of labels are present in the account Changelog 1.2: - New: Primary-only (or other label) notifications - New: Support for move, mute, mark spam/not spam actions - New: Support for bulk actions (e.g. assign labels) in folders - New: Save attachments using the file picker - New: Option for downloading the full email by default - New: Added option for collapsing the labels column and increasing the email viewing area - New: Added button help labels (can disable from Interface settings) - Fix: Cancelling a pending attachment download now works as intended

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Will · 7/25/2015
Doesn't fully work on Windows 10 Mobile

By far the best email app for Windows Phone that provides the full Gmail experience, and then some. ^That was before I used Windows 10 Mobile. The Windows 8.1 version works nicely. Tried it on Windows 10 Insider Preview 10162. Common issue for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile versions is the license. It fails to identify if you have purchased the app or not. If you think the license carries over on Mobile, wait till you do a soft reset. I'm willing to pay again for a fully functioning version on Windows 10 PC/Mobile. The problem is, the developer is no longer responding to emails. He's also not responsive in reddit. This app, IMHO, is abandonware. Look up the developer's posts on reddit and you'll see what I mean (http://reddit.com/u/apoelin). Until I hear otherwise from the dev, I'm going to just shake my head and cry internally for the demise of this great app.

E · 7/26/2015

Awesome app! This app just keeps getting better! However I paid for it early on to remove add. An update caused them to comeback and now it says that I have to pay again.

Stefan · 7/6/2015

Could be a bit more fluid, but apart from that its a very well functioning client. The best for WP in my opinion.

Caleb · 7/24/2015
Nice app

I like the way MetroMail imports my integrated accounts already set up in my Gmail account (i.e. can send mail from multiple email addresses) which is a huge plus for me. This app handles sublabels very well when navigating around. I bought the full version and am pleased with it.

Jacob T. · 7/6/2015
Best MUI Client Supporting Gmail

I've tried most, if not all, of the email clients in the store that support Gmail, and this is really the best, in my experience. While recent updates have resolved some glitches, a few remain. 1. In my experience, the Forward button does not work. This is an important component to an email client, and the lack of functionality seriously hinders the functionality of the client. I am hoping that this will be resolved in a future release. 2. Sharing via Share charm is buggy. This may be an issue more due to Windows 8.1 than to the app specifically, but when sharing, for example, a web page from Internet Explorer MUI, the subject line is not automatically filled with a title, as is the standard behavior in other clients. 3. Can not connect with 2-Step Authentication enabled. While this may be a limitation of Windows, of Google's API, or possibly, my own device configuration, this may be a consideration for those that use 2-Step Authentication.

Denis · 6/24/2015

I like this email client. What I like the most is that you can attach any type of file to an email, not only pictures as with the native WP client. I don't give 5* because the app is very slow to update when you open it and it doesn't download mails in the background, which means that if you don't update it manually, not opening the app for some time, you're missing data. Issues that don't exist with the native app. Fix this and it will be the best email app, no question.

Georg · 7/9/2015

This App provides numerous features that the built-in EMail App should have but doesn't (such as inline-replies). For GMail users, it supports labels and starring. The App is very well integrated into the system. A must-have for GMail users, and well worth the small price the author charges for the full version. I don't know why this app isn't listed in the top apps. The only thing I'm missing is an option to change the "Sent by MetroMail" signature, which overrides the GMail signatures even in the paid version. EDIT: The signature can be changed now.

Reviewer 0658 · 7/2/2015
user friendly but livetiles don't work

User interface seems great, very similar to regular gmail, but cant' get the livetile property to work (notifications displaying recent emails on the start screen.)

Rishi · 6/24/2015

Best Gmail app on WP right now as it works better for me than standard mail app. Lesser stars for a bit cluttery UI, no easy primary box support, sometimes slow and laggy

sandeep · 7/15/2015

No Auto Refresh.. Also show number of new emails on the app Icon

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