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Radames · 7/25/2015

Works great now, the UI improvements and live tile support actually make it better than the official Pandora app on other platforms. Good work!

Lorenzo · 5/10/2015

Great when it works but Pandora breaks API often. One of best Pandora clients on WP. In need of transparent tile and refreshing of app. Developer great about responses and says update is coming soon.

Adialenith · 4/21/2015

Great music but sometimes takes to long to start the music (just for that I give 4 stars).

erika · 3/28/2015

I'm in love! It has every artist you can imagine, even rare underground artists! There are unlimited skips and it is was to understand! The best radio ever! I recommend it and it is what's holding me back from getting rid if my windows phone

Lancer · 2/11/2015

This is an amazing Pandora app. Infinite skips and no intrusive audio ads greatly outweigh the minor, though frequent, bugs.

Morgan · 11/26/2014

This app is the best I've come across for music. It will actually play music (unlike the Music App for Windows Phones), and it allows you to skip around to whatever song you'd like and see what songs ahead, along with the lyrics (if they're available, many foreign songs don't have them if it's not a well-known song). Though I only have a couple complaints: when I play it and lock my screen, the music turns off within an hour, sometimes the next song refuses to play, so I have to restart the app, but my biggest complaints is it drains battery life so much. Usually my phone would last from 9 am to about 7-8 pm, but with this app, I'm lucky for it to last until 2-3 pm without needing to scramble for a charger. But it's worth it if you'd like an app that can play Pandora radio and not require you to listen to ads or limit your skips all the time.

Brian · 11/23/2014

Awesome app, but it consistently has an issue with resuming after switching apps. That's the only issue I have with it. This is the only app with a true customizable shuffle feature, which is a killer feature.

chae · 10/11/2014

Sucks needs to have the option to replay songs. SHOULD NOT contain songs from 2000 years ago in a Today's Hit Music playlist... 😒

User · 10/2/2014

Lately, I haven't been able to add any stations. Other than that, it's okay..

Michelle · 6/23/2014

No complaints. Love that I have my Pandora stations. No commercial too. One of the best apps I have downloaded.