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Thomas · 6/14/2013
Links cause crash

App opens files OK. Pages turn realistically. When I click on links, however, it crashes. Also I know the text of the E-pub files I'm opening can be highlighted somehow but that doesn't work either.

Melvin · 12/21/2012
good but not good enough

I like the look the feel and the speed. this app only does one level of navigation. this needs chapter, verse and section style navigation... please approve this app; its almost there...

F. · 11/15/2012
Like simplicity, little to no features

Very simple to use, to import and delete epub books, however navigation is poor and does not follow all href references properly in the body of the document.

Joel · 11/1/2012
It is a start

This used to open epub files, the latest update broke it. It seems to have some issues with wrapping and links. After fixing those problems and giving it a more "ereader" like experience I'd like to see the ability to create bookmarks and highlights.

Markus · 10/30/2012
Bad Layout on Desktop PCs

This App appears to be rather crash-happy, even a mere click on "Import" sometimes causes it to close. However, the thing that kills this App for me is that documents are displayed across the full width of my screen. This may be okay of the App is used on a tablet in portrait mode, but on a PC with a wide screen display, I can't speed read and my eyes are forced to wander to the far left and right for each line.

Reviewer 1231 · 10/17/2012
Not ready yet.

Has potential to be a very good eReader, but crashes frequently and lacks bookmarks and annotations. MUCH better than the Microsoft Reader app, but still lacking. I will be watching this application closely for new updates providing improved stability and more features, but for now, I'll continue using my usual eReading application. Definitely worth using if you need a basic ePub reader in the "Modern" environment, however.

Joshua · 10/6/2012
What Are You Supposed To Do When It First Opens?

The first time I opened the app, I was presented with a light blue screen (no instructions, no buttons, just a wallpaper and an app name. I right-clicked, just to see if the app was still in the process of opening, and it gave me an option to import a file (not very user-oriented). JJ

Vlad · 9/27/2012
Nice app

I can only rate it 3 stars because it lacks of some functions. Otherwise it's good, the first app on the store that can open epub files :D Thank you for this :) I will change my rating after future updates of this app.

Cristopher · 8/24/2012
slow and incorrect format

The books add very slowly. Everything is right aligned and the format is incorrectly rendered. It takes forever to flip the pages and will end up crashing. Tested the same books in caliber and other book readers. Also there are no options to configure the size, zoom, formatting, page flips, number of pages to display.

Jeremiah · 8/16/2012
Frequent Crashes; Poor Image Support

After testing more than 10 EPUBs of different types and origins, I have found none to render properly. Images are usually corrupted or appear to have JPG compression issues -- even when they are PNGs. Embedded fonts don't render (or EPUB crashes the app). No documents containing SVG graphics opened without crashing the app, so I can't comment on SVG rendering quality. Note that tested EPUBs have passed validation and appear properly in Aldiko (Android), Calibre (Windows) and on Sony e-readers.



  • support epub and txt format
  • support for day and night mode
  • support snap mode
  • support coverflow and gridview
  • support for Table of Contents (ePub books)
  • customizable font size
  • two pages and singel page model

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1.Open the link from the article 2.performance improvements 3.fixed bugs

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