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Liu Sing · 8/28/2015
New interface please

I like everything about this app but it needs a new interface adapted for the upcoming Windows 10 mobile need to work in that and why the comments doesn't show or they show and after a few comments they repeat?

Ranier · 8/17/2015

Long time buyer here. These guys constantly fix any bugs that come up at a reasonable pace. Keep up the great work. Some recent problems, that are subject to change: - Video error midway through watching sometimes. - No tile flip when pinned to start. - Video upload dates in favorites/playlists are dates video was favorited/ added.

Shawn · 8/24/2015

An app that doesn't require more info than it needs to operate - a rare occurrence! Even this OS can't claim that... Kudos for not being data thieves and offering a paid option that doesn't double-dip.

User · 8/24/2015

The app is wonderful! It looks great, allows you to download HQ, and you can play videos while the phones display is off. There's a lot of horrible YouTube apps out there, but after searching for a while I found this and it by far better than whatever else is out there.

anon · 8/14/2015

Metrotube is both an aesthetically pleasing and functional app. In contrast, Google's constant modifications to YouTube--which 'break' app functionality--leaves a lot to be desired, and unfortunately is my reason for trepidation in contemplating committing to purchasing an app which may or may mot function in the future.

Jovan · 8/6/2015
Great app allows audio playback with locked phone

It will allow you to continue to listen youtube audio even if you go away from this app or if you lock down the screen , which in win 8 by default it was playing youtube videos even if you lock the screen, but since i upgraded to win 10 mictosoft till now hasn't enabled this feature yet, so this app will allow you to listen the youtube videos even you lock the screen phone. GREAT APP THANKS :)

Juan · 8/9/2015

It would be awesome if u guys could add the feature of viewing a video while looking for other videos like the YouTube app on Android and the perfect tube app

Justin · 8/7/2015

Videos often refuse to load for no apparent reason and app crashes at the end of some videos. Comments section never loads in. Subscription button for many YouTubers I am subscribed to is white and says "subscribe" but I already am subscribed, it should be red and say subscribed.

Jacob · 7/27/2015
Make it run on Windows 10, please!

Best YouTube app on windows phone. Features such as music only playing, running in background and lock screen, and preloading videos make this app super useful. Unfortunately, it does not work on the preview build of windows phone 10 I have on my phone.

Alex · 8/14/2015

Has all the features and functionality I want, while being clean and was to use. All that I really want from a YouTube app.


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4.6.6 - Preloaded videos patch - Other minor bug fixes 4.6.5 - Comments update - Blurry river images fix - Unavailable/deleted videos fix - Preloaded videos fix - Other minor bug fixes 4.6.4 - Subscriptions fix - General playlist bug fixes - Watch later list fix - Recently played list fix - General minor bug fixes 4.6.3 - New fix for log in bug - General minor bug fixes 4.6.2 - Fix for login bug - Search page fixes for languages - Other minor bug fixes 4.6.1 - Fixes subscription feed - Other minor bug fixes 4.6.0 - YouTube API v2 updated to API v3 4.5.1 - UI tweaks - Minor bug fixes 4.5 - Fixed video playback problem - Added ability to change app theme manually from the settings - Improved design for channel images - Improved river page design for displaying video thumbnails - Added "delete all" button in search box - Updated region list - Main tile shows subscriptions when logged in - Added ability to logout from within the river - Fixed issue where subscribing to some channels produced an error - Many more small bug fixes and enhancements 4.4.1 - Fixed error where preloaded wouldn't save correctly - Fix for video titles not displaying in light theme