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4.6.4 - Subscriptions fix - General playlist bug fixes - Watch later list fix - Recently played list fix - General minor bug fixes 4.6.3 - New fix for log in bug - General minor bug fixes 4.6.2 - Fix for login bug - Search page fixes for languages - Other minor bug fixes 4.6.1 - Fixes subscription feed - Other minor bug fixes 4.6.0 - YouTube API v2 updated to API v3 4.5.1 - UI tweaks - Minor bug fixes 4.5 - Fixed video playback problem - Added ability to change app theme manually from the settings - Improved design for channel images - Improved river page design for displaying video thumbnails - Added "delete all" button in search box - Updated region list - Main tile shows subscriptions when logged in - Added ability to logout from within the river - Fixed issue where subscribing to some channels produced an error - Many more small bug fixes and enhancements 4.4.1 - Fixed error where preloaded wouldn't save correctly - Fix for video titles not displaying in light theme 4.4 - Audio mode and continuous playback now support playlists - YouTube links in video descriptions (including those that are shortened to bitly links) now open in Metrotube when selected - Long channel names no longer overlap up votes - Fixed workarounds that allowed under 18 accounts to access age restricted videos - Fixed error that didn’t allow preloaded videos to be deleted when offline - Tiles now change back to selected style upon opening the app after an update - Other minor bug fixes and performance enhancements 4.3.1 - Fixed error where some preloaded videos wouldn't show up in the list 4.3 - New continuous playback feature - New audio mode feature - Bug fixes - Performance enhancements

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Jacob · 7/27/2015
Make it run on Windows 10, please!

Best YouTube app on windows phone. Features such as music only playing, running in background and lock screen, and preloading videos make this app super useful. Unfortunately, it does not work on the preview build of windows phone 10 I have on my phone.

Leo · 7/24/2015

The playlists feature sucks. It only shows playlists you created, not others you saved. I saved a friend's playlist with 140+ songs. Am I supposed to add each song to a playlist on my own? Come on fam.

Αλέξανδρος · 7/20/2015

I use this app to listen to music and it's great! Congrats guys and keep up the good work.

Daniel · 7/27/2015

Great's fast, smooth and intuitive....BIG LIKE from me 😊

Steven · 7/28/2015

Works well, nice UI. Best YT app for WP8.x but nothing has been done for the Win8.1 version for months. So having to use one app for the phone and another for desktop/tablet is what took this from 5 to 1 star.

Philip · 7/26/2015

Great app, runs smooth. Feature rich. My favorite WP Youtube client.

Peter · 7/2/2015

Easy to use UI, videos play seamlessly, the best YouTube application by far.

Kevin Aleph · 7/20/2015

Amazing app. Nothing wrong with it. I just wonder where are the restrictions... Or when i won't be allowed to watch videos on it. :C

Jason-Garth · 7/5/2015

Does not work with Windows preview builds. Can not even uninstall. Will change rating once it's addressed. Loved this app; it's broken now.

John · 7/18/2015

Getting a strange error when I try and watch age restricted videos (the ones where you get prompted to select that you consent). Metrotube quickly fills up my SD card space, and I get a low storage warning...