• Stream vidoes in HQ, HD and Full HD
  • Access subscriptions, favorites and watch later feeds
  • Customize main hub
  • Live tile
  • Video sharing
  • Video search

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- Video playback fixes.

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Mateo · 8/2/2015
great app

I have used this on the phone and the pc and I love this app! I would rather watch videos on here than on youtube.com! way more simple and a great app.

Jacob · 7/25/2015
Its is a really good replacement for hyper!

It is really good because it is just like hyper and easy to use What I don't like is that you have to press more to view your subscriptions one by one

Duncan · 7/31/2015
Doesn't work.

Plain and simple. Doesn't work. The did warn that it wouldn't when the app opened, but that's no excuse for leaving a broken app in the app store.

Reviewer 7454 · 7/2/2015
not working

they havnt updated to the new youtube video update... its either this app or primetube. whoever gets their videos working first is probably who ill stick with....

Reviewer 0950 · 7/27/2015
Does not work

The app cannot load the videos. Seems like it needs an update to work with Youtube new api. Too bad, it is well designed. I can't believe it is that difficult to find a decent metro youtube app now...

John · 6/11/2015
cursor hidden when needed. shown when not needed

the cursor is still hidden when "this video failed to play" is shown. sometimes after switching back to the app. sometimes switching to start and back to the app show the cursor again. sometimes with a play button over pause the cursor is sometimes still shown directly after starting a video. despite the ui hidden. have to nudge the cursor to show ui and autohide it how to autoplay next related video? don't kill my ssd by writing all video data to disk. my INetCache folder is 1.6 g. stream to mem and discard after playback

Cameron · 7/10/2015
Please update.

This app was always my favorite youtube client for windows/ windows phone. Been using it on my pc since windows 8 first came out (2012) That app is no longer searchable in the store and has not been updated to account for googles new streaming method. Cannot play videos.

Reviewer 0251 · 6/7/2015
Please update, currently nonfunctional

Adding my voice here -- this was a beautiful app until the latest YouTube API hit. At the time of writing, the app is nonfunctional. I miss my favorite WinRT app.

Wilson · 7/24/2015

I was unable to login before but it seems that it is fix. Now I can enjoy watching YouTube videos. UPDATE: Still can't log on

Yuko · 7/19/2015
Doesn't log in.

I log into my YT account, and it doesn't show that. No playlist support either.

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