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Shruti · 8/18/2015
please add option to upload..

great ui.. smooth.. the only thing lacking here is the option to upload.. there is also not much resolution option.. and please add the feature of background playing itself in the app like in mytube and tubecast..

Andrew · 8/15/2015
Great design, effective app

*UPDATE 8/14/2015 - Was the best YouTube app for Windows. Now doesn't work (and hasn't for months). It still works on Windows Phone quite well. Very disappointing. This app is, design-wise, a perfect fit with Microsoft's metro language. It's simple, straightforward, and the stuff that matters to me (the videos) is the focus. Probably the best visual design I've seen yet in the Windows Store, and one of the nicest experiences. Easily my favorite way to watch Youtube.

Jason · 8/28/2015
Could not retrieve videos from YouTube

Installed MetroTube for the first time after I upgraded to Win10 as it looked like a neat app. All I get is the "Could not retrieve videos from YouTube" - nothing else. Giving it a two star "I don't like it" rather than a one start "Hate it" since it appears to be popular app if it works - and Win10 is new.

Kamal · 8/3/2015
good on phone bad on desktop

3 stars from the streaming problem on the desktop version. I have the app on my phone and it is awesome, really fast and consistent. But it seems that the desktop app has some streaming issue and i hole you will be able to solve them quickly. If the desktop version could catch up to the phone version it would be amazing, especially with the lunch of W10.

Geoffrey · 8/4/2015
Fix for Windows 10

I have been enjoying this app on my WP, but here on Windows 10, it says cannot retrieve YouTube video. On startup, it say YouTube has made some changes to the way we stream, that they will fix it soon. I hope it wont take long...I was so happy when I saw it today on Windows 10. Looking forward to use it. I will give my normal 5 star after fix ;)

Daniel · 8/13/2015
Good on WP...bad on Windows 10

I have this app for my PC with Windows 10 and my phone with Windows Phone 8.1. The app is beautiful for the phone experience, however, on the desktop they have not updates the app to work with YouTube's latest API so it is not possible to watch any videos. If they fix this, the app would be 5 stars!

Mateo · 8/2/2015
great app

I have used this on the phone and the pc and I love this app! I would rather watch videos on here than on youtube.com! way more simple and a great app.

Carlos · 8/12/2015
Doesn't work.

Plain and sample... it just doesn't work, it keeps saying "could not retrieve videos from YouTube"

Akshay · 8/14/2015
Windows 10 + Wireless TV Play

I already spoke to you guys over email once. I know you guys are busy but we love your app. We are eagerly waiting for the Win10 Desktop Update and Wireless TV/Monitor cast. After which, I am sure, will change the way people watch videos on desktop. No more RAM hogging browsers. Ahh...! Waiting...!

Jacob · 7/25/2015
Its is a really good replacement for hyper!

It is really good because it is just like hyper and easy to use What I don't like is that you have to press more to view your subscriptions one by one



  • Stream vidoes in HQ, HD and Full HD
  • Access subscriptions, favorites and watch later feeds
  • Customize main hub
  • Live tile
  • Video sharing
  • Video search

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- Video playback fixes.

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