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Kurtis · 7/19/2015
A great, simple Twitter client

It's fast, it's simple, and it works. Twitter shouldn't be slow, it shouldn't be hard to figure out, and you should expect it to work as advertised. This app gets that. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking for a twitter app that doesn't require an hour of learning and searching through settings to use.

Nazmi · 7/25/2015

Great that it has toast notifications, which the native Twitter app does NOT have. *side eyes Twitter for Windows Phone*

Benny · 7/11/2015

Quite good. Would like a simpler "Retweet with comments". One now have to open the tweet, go to the menu and then do a quote. Would also like to see character count rather than "2 Tweets" as my preference is to shorten as needed.

Teresa · 6/29/2015

The scheduled tweets fuction does not work. Downloaded so I could schedule tweets for my small business and they would not tweet, no matter what I did. Otherwise, the actual Twitter app has all I need.

Ghadeer · 6/21/2015

Very nice, but please make the links in tweets clickable, and I can't distinguish between the tweet and the comment (retweet), please fix this and make it more understandable. Thanks.

jason · 6/28/2015

Been using another twitter client forever but thanks to an article on Windows Central I have found the best Twitter client now! Love it!

Zahid · 7/10/2015

Appearance Great, very comfy to navigate! However not able to retweet with comment! More later!!

Mathew · 7/4/2015

Can't add images to scheduled tweets!

Befuddler · 6/16/2015

Better than the Twitter named app, doesn't crash. Playing videos on timeline is great. Landscape orientation is nice to have for typing. Customization is nice. My problems are, timeline cannot play gifs and you can't delete dm's. Also, you have to tap a tweet to pull up a fav+RT bar.

Roderick · 6/27/2015

10 times better than the twitter app. Fast and easy