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John-Ethan · 8/26/2015

Great app, but I wish you can just slide to your profile instead and see all you tweets with just a swipe instead of a button, but over all so much better than the actual twitter app!

Matthew · 8/15/2015

I've only been using the app for a few days, and so far I like it a lot. The only caveat is that it seems like there are occasionally older tweets after new ones with no obvious reason why. It would also be nice if links to tweets would open in-app instead of opening a browser window.

Lukasz · 8/23/2015

Really good app. Seriously the best twitter app on Windows store. Some bugs when expanding tweets with images, boring a quick close and reopen app can't fix. Nice work!

User · 8/12/2015

Simple to use, clean interface. Just needs access to actual block (not just mute user) and Protected Tweet status toggle to be 5/5.

Emmanuel · 7/29/2015
Very good app with awesome UI

Some improvements needed though, search parameters not fast like official app and no option to turn individual notifications on, at least I cant see that either. Toast notification needs to be real time too with the display pics, name and content of the person

Matthew · 8/7/2015

Easy to use and it works great! I use it more than my other twitter apps.

Erica · 8/9/2015

Thank you so much!! I've been having a lot of problems and I mean A LOT with the original Twitter app. I've just installed this app and its working pretty good :) but ill have to wait and see if the notifications work cuz that's the important thing.

Aqeel · 8/10/2015

Best twitter app for me, just need multiple pictures

Kurtis · 7/19/2015
A great, simple Twitter client

It's fast, it's simple, and it works. Twitter shouldn't be slow, it shouldn't be hard to figure out, and you should expect it to work as advertised. This app gets that. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking for a twitter app that doesn't require an hour of learning and searching through settings to use.

Nazmi · 7/25/2015

Great that it has toast notifications, which the native Twitter app does NOT have. *side eyes Twitter for Windows Phone*


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Fixed: Profile image uploads work again