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This latest Update offers Weekly Goals which allow you to set weekly training targets. Every "run" and also all workouts tracked with heart-rate count towards your Weekly Goal.There are Weekly Goals available for all fitness levels and each goal is made up of a combination of the miCoach Zones where intensity can be adjuste d by increasing the time and distance dedicated to each zone. This is an addition to the more long-term target miCoach Training Plans. #unleashyourbest with Fit Smart & miCoach train & run! Learn more about Fit Smart here:

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Serch · 7/24/2015

Great app, stable and easy to use. Only problem: No way to change unit system (metric/imperial). Please add the option :-)

Петр · 7/15/2015

The good: virtual trainer with audio cues, race preparation plans, Bluetooth Smart (LE, 4.0) heart rate sensor support. Quite stable. The bad: very often, the track turns out to be wobbly, which results in unrealistic speeds (my record is 602 km/h!). It makes paced training very problematic. I stick with this tracker mostly for BTLE support, but have to edit tracks manually to upload to Strava, which is annoying.

Tony · 7/17/2015

Best fitness app. Heart rate tracking (with BT chest HRM), GPS, step rate, pace, distance, etc. Awesome training programs. Great reporting with charts. Reliable, stable. Fantastic website. Everything is free, no premium upgrades. Highly recommended.

Leandro · 7/31/2015

Should have more options for distance feedback. It only alows to hear it after 1 km. edit: Since last update its not supressing my Music volume to give tracking feedback

Michael · 7/30/2015

This app is like a small beacon of hope for the windows phone store. Adidas continues to update it and is pretty clearly the best running fitness app available

manoj · 6/2/2015

Great app... Would have given a 5* if there had been share to Facebook option like in caledos runner app..

Marko · 7/18/2015

This is the best app for training definitely. I tried them all, and none of them isn't so good equiped with programs for all kinds of training. And it's interesting that app is much better on WP then Android.

Tom · 6/1/2015

Tracks my workouts using hrm and speed_cell sensors so I can review heart rate and speed for different parts of my workouts and make adjustments to improve.

Prasannaa · 5/27/2015

**...king app can't even able to sign in.

arpit · 2/10/2015

I am having trouble in synchronising after downloading speech. What is the solution for this????