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Donald · 3/7/2013
Good info yet useless --RN student

This app has a ton of drug info but there is no way to select and copy text rendering it useless. The alternative is to manually transcribe information onto a paper, then onto a word document which is essentially the same as looking drugs up in a hard copy drug guide.

Kerrie · 2/21/2013
Ok, could be better

Needs a drug interaction checker. Good reliable Rx information, however. I hope there will be more medical software coming to this platform soon and this is certainly a good start!

Gabe · 6/10/2014
Improve UI Navigation

Thank you for bringing this App to Windows! Please make a few UI adjustments: Add a search bar. Add alphabetical characters to fast forward the list of drugs. Improve navigation through the base list and individual drug characteristics Allow immediate navigational response to keyboard keystrokes.

Michael · 3/19/2014
its good but no search function!?!?!??!?

NO SEARCH FUNCTION!? also, no easy jump to certain part of drug info once a drug is selected ....with these two improvements, would be a lot better

William · 3/18/2014
Very well designed and quite handy too

As a quick pharmacy reference, this app is astonishingly good. Interestingly, the iPhone and Windows8 versions are slick and fast, but the Android version is laggy and nearly useless in a clinical situation. However, I applaud the efforts of the team that created this version for Windows, as it is fast, fluid, and beautiful. The fact that there is some toxicology information on each agent makes this database more useful than Epocrates for us here in the Emergency Department. Update 3/18/2014: Still love the interface on Win 8.1. Updates and initialization take some time, but that is OK. I wish there were a version of this for Windows Phone 8.1

Mohammed Nasir · 2/22/2014
Clear and concise!!!

Would give 5/5 if it provided more features like drug interactions by plugging in individual drugs, pill identification and dosage conversions. Also please update the app to have a built in search bar given the changes in Windows 8.1. Otherwise a very decent and usable app for physicians.

Jonathan · 2/22/2014
Great start

As the best of the two drug reference apps on windows 8, I love it. But the features are definitely lacking compared to other platforms. I really wish they ported it to windows phone too.

Jayrom · 1/20/2014
Good but restricting

As a pharmacy student, and soon to be pharmacist, this app is pretty lacking in tools, but is full of content a practitioner requires. It would be great to see DDI tools, IV compatibility, etc, just like the online service offers. It definitely needs an update for Windows 8.1 for snap views, and definitely because it crashes frequently when searching. Snap views benefit most when it comes to rounding. Having Citrix Receiver open on one side then this on the other really makes a Windows 8 tablet awesome for medical use, but is lacking due to apps right now.

Linh · 12/20/2013

Great that there is a Micromedex app for Windows 8 as I use this database on a daily basis for work as a pharmacist. However, having to pinch and zoom and scroll to find a specific drug monograph is very annoying and not at all efficient. PLEASE ADD A SEARCH FUNCTION!

Sameed · 11/3/2013

Exactly what I always wanted on Win8. Now how about a version for Windows phone?



  • Evidence-based Drug Information
  • Updated monthly
  • Ability to use with no WiFi or cellular connection
  • Search using the Windows 8 Search Charm
  • No individual login required
  • Links to and searches your facility’s Micromedex 2.0 subscription (enterprise-level subscription to Micromedex 2.0 required)

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