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3 stars out of 5
Matthew · 9/29/2015
Nothing Special.

There's a lot that this could do, but doesn't. One thing it really needs is the ability to Ring, Erase, or Lock your phone.

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1 stars out of 5
Brendon · 9/7/2015

Can't sync stuff (music, pictures, videos, etc.) over a USB connection. OneDrive is great, but USB is so much faster and easier in some cases. Bring back syncing of collections over USB and this app would be 4-5 stars.

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2 stars out of 5
F · 9/5/2015
Here's what's missing

While nice, and useable this app is missing a way to sync music, and video without launching different apps Why can't we sync over wifi? Please keep working on a single sync solution like you had before or make windows media player better, or something... the music, and sync experience onmy device is definitely poorer than it should be. Thank you for the hard work but please try harder

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1 stars out of 5
Jeffrey · 8/31/2015
Why No Music Syncing?

This app doesn't do much. It gives you a short cut to transfer files with windows explorer. It allegedly gives you the ability to sync photos to your PC, (but didn't work for me). But it doesn't allow me to sync music between my PC and my phone? This is very fundamental functionality and should have been a prerequisite to launching windows 10. Very disappointing.

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1 stars out of 5
Scott · 8/31/2015
Needs to be a better way to sync music

Yikes - I encourage you to find a better way to sync music and playlists.

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3 stars out of 5
Jose · 9/9/2015
Windows phone app

while this app got my attention quick, I though it was going to be like the windows phone app already install for windows 10. would be nice to transfer photos and files directly from this app.

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1 stars out of 5
Kevin · 10/3/2015

couldn't find it. kept moving. And every device I hooked up to it now either beeps every 5 or 6 sec. or the screen cuts every 5 to 6 sec's. unless you have a windows phone. Don't even try this app. You need to stop offering it to non windows based software. I hate this thing. totally screwed up my LG phone, my Galaxy 4 Tablet. And my OS is starting to have the same problem. If I was a lawyer. I'd sue. Hate this. Now I have to go and try to fix everything on both the pc and the device.... I trust the store and was extremely disappointed with. I've uninstalled 3 times, and there're ghosts popping all over. Random shutdowns.....I'm sorry to whom ever has to deal with this complaint. Like I said I usually get only good stuff you. But I think this thing has a virus that can jump devices.

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1 stars out of 5
Zvikomborero Vincent · 8/23/2015
Doesn't do anything

MSFT, you deprecated a good app and replaced it with a non-functional one. Bring back the old app. Can't sync playlists and music with ease anymore.

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1 stars out of 5
Nicole · 8/22/2015

Please just bring back the Zune transfer interface and layout. Why are you guys doing this? Seriously my Zune software was so EASY to use. I know there were probs but from a standpoint of transfering music it was the best. You could set it up not to duplicate and where to put the file and then all you had to do was plug it in. AND it had a three column search from left to right of artist/album/song. You could scroll click an artist and it would show the albums. Click the album and the right column showed the songs. There was NO BACK AND FORTH. Making playlists was a dream. Drag and Drop. Please Microsoft I'm busy and have three kids - this should not be a sit down and think about it task.

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1 stars out of 5
Sven · 9/1/2015
Completely pointless app

As everyone else has said, this app is pointless. It doesn't actually do anything, just tells you to open File Explorer to copy stuff manually like you're using a USB stick. The worst part is, the description on the app and the web page for it say otherwise - that it lets you sync your music, yet it doesn't. This is a massive step backwards from the Windows 8.1 app, which had a really good music syncing tool. Luckily, you can still download, install and use the Windows 8 app on Windows 10.

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  • Get all the things you love from your PC on your phone or tablet.
  • Step-by-step instructions to make sure your stuff is synced.
  • Links to download free Microsoft apps to help you sync your music, photos, and more.
  • Tips and tricks on how to make sure your Windows 10 PC and phone or tablet work great together.
  • Get phone or tablet battery and storage status or transfer files manually when you plug in your device to your PC with a USB cable.
  • Works with Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

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