• Conceptualize, validate and build your app ideas as easily as editing a document
  • Connect to corporate data and web services
  • Compose rich interactive visuals and media to create custom, unique apps
  • Add business logic and intelligence using the power of Excel-like expressions
  • Use the app yourself, share with colleagues or with the world

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• Connect to Office 365 email, meetings, and people • Connect to SharePoint Online lists • Support for Surface Pro 3 and portrait aspect ratios • Grouping and multi-selection • Improved charts, new line charts

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Imre · 3/26/2014

Says there is problem and app needs to repair. After repair app still needs to repair. This is on a surface pro 2. Really frustrated w/ win8 and surface pro, considering it's the flagship.

LS · 1/30/2014
project siena????????????????????????????

II own the app but it refuses to install... SUCKS

Ronen · 1/14/2014
Missing some tutorials!

Really great but... until I see some sample tutorials of how everything kind of functions with each other, I'm going to be really slow at developing my app.

Laithienfct · 12/21/2013

Good, but need more time to learn by heart about it. Thanks M$ for making this project.

Philip · 3/4/2015
Great Idea, getting better

having problems adding a simple background picture on Surface Pro 128GB. I don't have this problem on any of my other devices...

Rebecca · 10/27/2014
Cool, but too hard to do simple things at times.

Cool, but too hard to do simple things at times. Not using keyboard and can't find how edit display text for a label linked to rss link. Would expect this item to at least be in the express view since this is reminiscent of visual studio properties of items.

Sanket RJ · 9/20/2014
Thanks Microsoft

New update is very good. easy to add images, videos etc. easy to add data etc. Thanks Microsoft and developers ♥ Thanks :D

Timothy · 9/12/2014
5 Stars Despite Bugs

Sure the "Beta Bugs" are frustrating, but you're getting an app that makes creating apps obtainable for even the newest beginner (me). I use this just about everyday and love it!

Stephen · 8/19/2014
Excellent App

I really like this app but am wondering if there will be any updates to allow for more than just content driven apps so that I can design other apps from the convenience of my surface. But I guess I can break out my laptop and create those types in VS 2013. Until I can afford to get a surface pro 3.

Peck Keong · 7/16/2014
Developing Apps make easy

This is pretty simple in developing,..especially, my training apps. However, the examples for the application of "code" is insufficient. Hopefully Channel 9 can help to release and update regularly on the use of filter, selected!,...functions...it looks easy but tough for non-programmer. TQ

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