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Isaiah · 4/29/2013

It needs an update hasn't been updated in nearly a year it needs a WP8 update, higher resolutions, it doesn't fit the screen of my 8x leaving a dark empty part of the screen up top, keep eternal source links but add a inline reader and video player, the research area doesn't work on my phone HTC 8x WP8, and its an ok app but could use some refinements, a revision, improvements, more updates more often, etc please keep improving Microsoft I would like give five stars in the future don't hold back!😃

Dustin · 4/1/2013

Everything links to an external source. Reading papers or watching videos inline would have been nice. Also, scrolling the publications will not allow you to select the last paper, because the menu will overlap with it 😞 And the research area is not clickable in the main menu.

bharani86 · 4/28/2012

Can't even open the app. Crashes always. Microsoft you can do better than this. :(

Rodrigo · 10/12/2012

This app launches then closes unexpectedly right away...

DijeWeng · 4/4/2012

Chinese support needed

Player360252369 · 4/11/2012

??? Whats the purpose of this

Nick · 11/21/2012

Not bad at all.

zhenju · 10/6/2012


EpicRegret88 · 3/30/2012

Good app. Coming from Android, WP7 has impressed me in many ways.


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