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- Fixed an intermittent login crash that some users were facing - Fixed an issue that prevented some users from logging in - Fixed an issue that affects the budgets section on the home page for some users - Fixed a crash that happens when we toggle the current balance and available balance on accounts that have no transactions

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Reviewer 5029 · 8/3/2015
Love it but room for improvement

So far so good, I love this app! Extremely useful, VERY easy to setup and understand. A little buggy when it comes to adding an account, sometimes it crashes to desktop. Sometimes it does fine. Would like to see the categories get sorted more accurately, adding custom Categories would be great. If I correct a category, it would be neat to have Mint correct all transactions with the same name/description. Love it otherwise! Keep up the great work!

Patrick · 8/2/2015
Decent App Broken on Windows 10

I've been using mint for several months now and I find it to be a decent app for managing you're personal finances. Sense it starts auto categorizing purchases into it's own categories it takes a while to get it lined up with a budget of your own making. The Windows Phone app and the Desktop app are very similar, so you can switch between the two with little trouble. My biggest problem at the moment is that the Desktop app has stopped working after upgrading to Windows 10. The splash screen shows up then the app simply shuts back down. No errors displayed or anything.

John · 8/2/2015
Not bad but...

Mint is a very useful app to keep track of my money but the Windows app for Windows 10 keeps crashing. I click on the tile and it begins to load and then it disappears. Sometimes it does this several times. This really needs to be fixed.

Ben · 8/1/2015
So want to love this app

Fantastic app. It's fast, easy to use, and beautiful. I've been loving using it -- until it started crashing every time I open it. Running Windows 10. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the app and it's working again, but I shouldn't have to do that.

Randall · 7/31/2015

This app works great. Coming from an android nexus I was expecting a lot - and while then interface is definitely different, its just as fast and easy to use. I was very impressed Now just to get Mint Bills on wp8!

Justin · 8/1/2015
Life (money) saver!

I like how it help's me keep track of all my finances with ease. Easy to set up, easy to use and easy to manage.

ed · 7/31/2015
Great app but could be even better

Great app for keeping track of expenses. Extremely easy to use. But not as many features as the full website. Please add more. Also fix refresh. You select refresh, it says it's refreshed account info, you swipe to other screens and come back to account screen and things have changed.

Shane · 7/31/2015
Good app for singles

Really cool app to help you manage your money. Cons: No joint accounts feature. On Windows 10, it crashes launching from start menu. Opens fine from link in Store.

Jason · 7/31/2015
Constant crash after the app being used for some time.

After a fresh installation on WIN10, the app could start without any problems. But after being used for a few days, it will crash upon start constantly. Reinstallation could fix the problem. But please fix this issue.

Reviewer 2993 · 7/27/2015

This app is so great! It creates a budget based on your spending so its really easy to just start instead of taking hours to set up. I also found it really east to navigate. The different graphs and different windows make it so easy to use and easy to understand. Seriously, it is the BEST app for dealing with budgeting.

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