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- Fixed an intermittent login crash that some users were facing - Fixed an issue that prevented some users from logging in - Fixed an issue that affects the budgets section on the home page for some users - Fixed a crash that happens when we toggle the current balance and available balance on accounts that have no transactions

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Hanley · 7/26/2015
Great App for tracking finances!

Great app, makes it easy to track spending and income. And you know it's trustworthy since it's made by Intuit. Only downside is that it hasn't received any major updates in months.

Reviewer 1882 · 7/26/2015
Great Tool, But Slow To Update

I enjoy being able to see all of my balances and credit/loan information in one place but it isn't terribly useful when the information is two or three days stale. In particular my bank account and PayPal accounts are usually 2 or 3 days behind and don't show recent purchases despite showing that they were updated minutes ago. There are also constant issues with my investment accounts showing incorrect data. Overall it's a helpful and useful app though I wish it would show more data in the Windows 8 app.

Ankit · 7/24/2015
Like it but there are bugs

Very useful and clean modern design. Foreign currency conversion would help for folks with foreign accounts. There are bugs in how alerts are set for bill payments and also net work calculations. Needs work.

Luan · 7/22/2015
Good app

The latest update has a very weird bug. It shows my net worth by adding debt to total asset instead of subtracting from it. Please fix. Otherwise its a great app.

J · 7/21/2015
Best finance app!

Great job for getting this app in the store. It's very easy to use and very stable. Get more apps like this in the store! Just loving it. Keep up the good work, and give us more features and performance improvement.

Reviewer 8856 · 7/23/2015

Used mint with windows XP and have great versatility with it. Had to upgrade to windows 8.1 and it is forcing me to use a mint "app" that has pretty pictures, but does not allow for using the features of the mint program. I am not happy.

Vinay · 7/15/2015

Loved the app until the most recent 2 updates, especially the latest one from July 2. Account info doesn't update in the app on time, investment accounts don't update at all for days. Weird thing, I need to login to to trigger an update for all my accounts, then Mint on my phone will update properly! Something broke big time in the most recent updates. Tried completely uninstalling/reinstalling, nothing. Tried switching betn 4G LTE and WiFi, turning one or the other off, nothing. Sent email to tech support, awaiting reply. Please fix asap!

Reviewer 0989 · 7/14/2015
complicated instructions

could be a little complicated to navigate entries and correcting totals and averages. Still practicing with it. I like what it has to offer just too challenging trying to get there.

Scott · 7/15/2015
Great App

This is a great app to manage your money.

Bill · 7/14/2015
ok - updating transactions is slow

I like the overall idea of the service, but I wish the performance was better when updating categories of individual transactions.

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