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Richard · 8/3/2015
windows 10 does not let log in

I have a nokia mix radio account, but cannot log in on windows 10 pc. please fix.

Илья · 2/22/2015
Great app!

Great but useless without subscription. I already have a subscription on my Lumia. Why I can't use it on Windows Store app? I don't want to pay one more time. I'm using the web version instead of app.

Pablo · 2/17/2015
This should be in Xbox music

This reminds me of Zune music back in the day.

Matt · 11/7/2014
It's great!

I really love this app! Its beautiful and works perfectly, but here's why I only give it 4 stars. As far as I can tell, there is no shuffle option for my music. Also... a lot of the bands that come on during mix radio, don't have background art on the now playing section. If these things change than I will give it 5 stars!! Also, I'm tired of seeing people give this bad reviews, simply because they have to pay $4 a month for the service and they get it for free on their Nokia phone. This is a service that you pay very little for! Of course you get it for free on your Nokia phone, It's complimentary for buying one of their devices! Which they don't even have to do in the first place! Microsoft doesn't give us a free subscription to XBOX Music even though we have a their tablet! If you cheap people have a problem with it than by the Nokia tablet (Lumia 2520) and you'll get it for free! Bunch of cry babies.... Update 11/07/2104- It no longer shows the album covers Lumia 2520

Mikhail · 10/3/2014

Much better than Spotify, but I think free MixRadio users need complete songs.

Abdessattar · 10/3/2014
Love it

Great mixes with just a couple of clicks. Choosing the favorite artists and that's it...

Rudy · 9/1/2014
Wish it was default app...

Awesome app wish it was the default music player on MS smartphones!

Julien · 8/28/2014
I love it!

The last update seems to have messed with my ability to advance through songs. Every time I hit the next arrow, it just replays the same song. Once this is resolved, I think it will be back to being unbelievably worth it.

Diego · 8/25/2014
Great music app

Specially when merged with your mobile experience. I hope Microsoft decides to merge MixRadio with xBox Music pass and combine them into the best Music experience ever.

Scott · 8/24/2014
Should be free!

Pandora, iTunes Radio, Etc. ... Why would I pay for this service? It should be free!



  • Play Me: Your own personal radio station. Created just for you.
  • Mixes: Hundreds of hand-crafted playlists across every genre you're interested in. From Pop to Country, Blues, Reggae, Indietronica, and loads more - we've got them all
  • Offline Mixes: Download your favorite mixes to listen when you're not connected to the internet
  • New Releases From Your Favorite Artists: Stay one step ahead. When any of your favorite artists release something new, go on tour or get included in a new mix, we’ll let you know.
  • MP3 Playback: Listen and queue your own music. Put it in your Music library and we’ll pick it up. Get Mix recommendations and artist information.
  • Artist Mix: Tell us up to three of your favorite artists and we'll make you a mix featuring those and other similar artists
  • Artist Page: Found someone new? Learn all about them with our artist pages. Biogs, featured mixes, tweets, gigs, similar artists and artist image galleries.
  • Supports MixRadio+, an enhanced music service which includes higher quality audio, unlimited track skips, unlimited offline mixes, full time-synced lyrics (where available). A free trial of MixRadio+
  • Play To: send what you're listening to directly to many smart TVs or DLNA-enabled devices

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MixRadio is now even better, as it comes with our brand-spanking new Play Me button. It’s bright pink, it says ‘Play Me’ and it plays music you’ll love - what could be better than that, you lucky people? You can tweak the personalized music profile Play Me is based on by clicking the thumbs up and down buttons, favoriting artists and skipping songs. We’d love to hear what you think of MixRadio for Windows 8. Get in contact via our Facebook pages, or tweet us @MixRadio.

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