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Fawad · 8/15/2015
Absolutely horrendously terrible!

Did a 2 year old create this app - crashes, lack of capability to handling even the basic functionality, etc. This app is not even the 5% of the Android version! Terribly disappointing!

Desmond · 8/29/2015

they say you can watch free LIVE ML Baseball, sure if you only want to a game that has already been played, that is not LIVE baseball. the only way to get live games as they are being played is to pay for a subscription, you people should that tell the truth, the only way you can get free games is if the game has already been played, and then you only get one game a day.

John · 8/4/2015
This app is laughably unusable...

After painstakingly upgrading all of my computers to Windows 10, I finally wanted to sit down and watch a baseball game on the PC hooked up to my television. I have seen a total of 6 seconds of baseball because the app crashes every time I try to stream video. (Oh, and I am a hockey fan, too...so I can't WAIT for MLBAM to mess that up as well). When you pay over $120 for the season to use an app, there is no excuse for not being able to use that app. They'll say "well, we support lots of devices and it's difficult to keep them all running smoothly...blah...blah...blah." No excuse for this. This app has been riddled with problems since the Windows app was first released and it's high time that you get it together. (And by the way, your XBOX app had the same problems for the longest time). Hire more better developers or just refund our money.

Chris · 8/29/2015
It works but needs an update

The streaming part works fine so that's why it gets 3 stars -- that's the most important part of this app. The rest of it could really use an update to bring it to parity with other platforms. A windows 10 update would be much appreciated.

Chad · 8/12/2015
My Go-To App!

I have to have my baseball fix, and this is my Go-To application for that whenever I am out of reach of my TV!

Dale · 8/29/2015
Much improved

It was unusable in 2014, but trying it again in August of 2015 on Windows 10, it is working well. it did take a bit to figure out how to back out of a game. You need to right click if using a mouse to pull down the menu to hit back.

Reviewer 8287 · 6/30/2015
So much trouble, it's hardly worth the money

This app is riddled with bugs. Over and over, I keep having trouble with it. At first, it wouldn't play without crashing. That improved a little, but still crashes from time to time. Now it does not show any games for several days. I select a date and nothing loads on the page. There has to be a better way. For what you charge and to have the MLB name associated with it, make this work!

Jason · 8/26/2015
Need to be drastically updated for Windows

This application crashes a lot of times in mid use. This all started when I upgrade to Windows 10. Love this app on my Android device. But needs a major improvement on Windows. Has to be more stable.

Gordon · 8/6/2015
Not a Good Presentation

This is a poor App compared to the "Sports" App on Windows 8.1. With the old App I could follow any MLB game being played. I could see who was playing and follow the game inning by inning. I could see who was pitching and who the batters were for each team. I see no way to do this on the present "Sports" App.

Reviewer 7073 · 7/9/2015
MLB.TV on windows 8.1

the videos play well. My biggest beef is having to sign in constantly. On Android and Ipads once signed in you are not asked again. There needs to be a stay signed in option in settings



  • HD Quality LIVE Video
  • Full Game Video Archives
  • Home and Away Broadcasts (where available)
  • Data overlays: Pitch F/x, Box Score and Game Summary
  • Clickable Line Score for navigating the game stream by inning
  • Twitter Widget to follow the game commentary on social media
  • Scoreboard overlay in full screen mode
  • LIVE Game DVR Controls (pause/play, rewind, fast forward)
  • LIVE and Archive Radio Broadcasts
  • Daily MLB Scoreboard
  • 2015 Team Schedules
  • Closed Captioning (where available)
  • Full Screen Video
  • Favorite Team Support

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