• HD Quality LIVE Video
  • Full Game Video Archives
  • Home and Away Broadcasts (where available)
  • Data overlays: Pitch F/x, Box Score and Game Summary
  • Clickable Line Score for navigating the game stream by inning
  • Twitter Widget to follow the game commentary on social media
  • Scoreboard overlay in full screen mode
  • LIVE Game DVR Controls (pause/play, rewind, fast forward)
  • LIVE and Archive Radio Broadcasts
  • Daily MLB Scoreboard
  • 2015 Team Schedules
  • Closed Captioning (where available)
  • Full Screen Video
  • Favorite Team Support

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Reviewer 8287 · 6/30/2015
So much trouble, it's hardly worth the money

This app is riddled with bugs. Over and over, I keep having trouble with it. At first, it wouldn't play without crashing. That improved a little, but still crashes from time to time. Now it does not show any games for several days. I select a date and nothing loads on the page. There has to be a better way. For what you charge and to have the MLB name associated with it, make this work!

Reviewer 7073 · 7/9/2015
MLB.TV on windows 8.1

the videos play well. My biggest beef is having to sign in constantly. On Android and Ipads once signed in you are not asked again. There needs to be a stay signed in option in settings

Reviewer 5619 · 5/23/2015
Good app, but it still needs more work.

The biggest gripe I have with the app is that it will not save my user information. If I turn off my computer and come back the next day, it will ask me again. Very annoying. Another inconvenience is that it doesn't let me pick a default broadcast. It seems it will always pick up the home feedback, but if the app is capable to know who your favourite teams are, it should be able to tell which team broadcast you'd prefer. Other than that, good quality, works nicely, it just needs more attention to little details, which I think are quite irrelevant to the developer, sadly.

Reviewer 7895 · 5/12/2015
It's OK

It freezes up a couple times every game I watch. It sorely needs to save my password, and the broadcast option is always set to the wrong team. Why did I bother to list my favorite team?

Reviewer 1434 · 7/19/2015

multi-game watching options, and no black-out restrictions would make this a 5 star app.

Aden · 7/12/2015

I love baseball and this is an amazing way to watch

Reviewer 0603 · 4/23/2015
Disappointing - Games spoiled.

Hide scores! When I log in EVERYTIME I have to tell it to hide scores each time. Also, don't want to know that a game ended in 12 innings! Hide scores! I'd like to watch the game and NOT KNOW the score, and not know that it went into extra innings. Poor design, some features that are advertised are not available in this app. If a game is in progress, it will start at the beginning - which is what I want but there is up to an hour of "game will begin soon"...how about just start at the beginning of the game. I expect more for my money. I just want to enjoy a game without being spoiled.

Reviewer 2587 · 5/17/2015

there are a couple of minor problems sing in and password are not stored must sign in for each use. can not view local teams using this app. should have use of multiple camera angles. other wise it is a very good app. live box score; in game highlights; can watch any game that took place this season; one additional thing that would be awesome is if a pitch by pitch; footage was made available or any particular player game highlights

Reviewer 0891 · 4/11/2015
Working Great

I have used this program on my ipad iPhone PS3 android phone and my HP windows Computer. I think everyone that writes a bad review doesn't realize that they have to buy the MLB.TV subscription (IT IS NOT FREE). My PS3 has had few times where it had to buffer, but that lasted like 5 sec. each time. I love being able to listen to my out of market team (Indians) while driving in the car. Just open the app on phone and select audio broadcast make sure Bluetooth is connected to car and then I hear the Indians amazing announcer Tom Hamilton in my car. This is a Great APP anyone who says not has to be doing something really wrong.

greg · 4/8/2015
decent UI, a little buggy

Recently switched to Win app after many years of using Android version. Not bad overall. Relatively easy to use, especially to access extra MLB.tv features like PitchFX. My main complaint so far is that the video tends to hang - it will go back 2 or 3 seconds are replay what I just saw. Hopefully they'll get it worked out soon.

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