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RefinedYeti · 1/22/2012

When it works its great. Too frequently it seems unable to connect to the server while other Apps on my phone can connect to other servers. Also, messages occasionally take a bit too long to show up, and come in spurts (3 messages at once). But, when it works, its a thing of beauty. 4 stars until the technical problems are alleviated.

cmiuc99 · 7/6/2011

Needs a lot of work: the help menu an about screen with feedback, which takes you to qq Chinese. The forum to Chinese forum. Then, u use the software back buttons, they work for about 2 screens and stop. The links users put in msg are not hyperlinked, can't cut n paste any thing, example, I want to cut n copy a Chinese word so I can see its meaning... A feature request is to put a dictionary or translation program, that are on the web, integrate it into the qq zone area(where u have also, qq mail, qq game) so users, both Chinese and foreigners can work better together. My qq: 859538267 if I can help more. Tq

Archana · 11/24/2013

Having issue connecting to qq

Player360817885 · 8/11/2012

Very smooooooooth than 2.2

xiaqianqian · 6/17/2012

Always out of work,bad

Nan · 10/21/2012

It sucks.

WispyGerry · 7/9/2011

There is a space blank before its name so as to it can be list as top 1 on the app list!!!

bigipalabom · 7/7/2011

Plz ban this app, there is a space before the app name to make it on the top of the app list. Very disgusting.

JiejieWu · 3/27/2012

Always cannot connect to server

hongchuanlee · 8/31/2011

It sucks though,not so stable,full of bugs


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