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Kunal · 8/20/2015
Good but need improvement

It's a good start for the app but it's very basic (It just plays video nothing else :) ). The best thing about this is speed and supported encodings. MS should seriously consider following changes : -> Subtitle support (MUST). Although inbuilt subtitles works but still there are no option to adjust position/size. -> Shortcut support : Support for forward/backward/aspect ratio with popular shortcuts. -> Customizability -> Editing Metadata

Jason · 8/21/2015
Sad When Freeware is better.

Seriously, if you want to sell me movies and TV, at least make the experience enjoyable. At this point, VLC Media player is still light years ahead, and it's free. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You should be ashamed.

Robbie · 8/16/2015
Fix plz

It doesn't support subtitles or dual audio correctly. Lacks alot of basic features such as rewind 1.5x, can't make playlists. Needs smoother playback and onedrive support to stream my videos like the windows 8.1app

Kevin · 8/12/2015
Worthless in current state. LONG WAYS TO GO!

What I don't like: 1.) Unable to edit/add metadata 2.) Unable to customize/change viewing preferences, such as being able to view by lists, tiles, thumbnails, details, etc. 3.) No filtering options. 4.) No option to sync files/movies with devices, such as iPhone, Android phones, or EVEN Windows Phones. 5.) When I open a video, one side of the video looks good, but the other side is streaking, distorted, and colorized. All my other media players play the videos without any issues, which tells me it's an issue with this app and not the files themselves. What I like: 1.) AT LEAST the app shows the folders that I have my video files sorted into on my computer instead of organizing them into it's own folders (like the photos app does with my photos). Of course, I wouldn't mind automatic organization, as long as they allow the user to customize how the app organized the files.

Jimmy · 8/31/2015
Keeps saying there is an update.

App keeps saying there is an update and downloads it. Have tried to delete app to re-install. Tried rebooting, etc.

Geoffrey · 8/29/2015
Good but downloading is broken.

The app (and also via the store) does not allow downloading (feature is broken) of my video/show library. Would give it more stars had this feature worked. Please fix it!

Rebecca · 8/22/2015
Not cool

I can totally see the point of having a new app with enhanced quality to replace Windows Media Player. BUT this is inferior to WMP. I can't even make a play list for my videos. What is Microsoft getting by giving me inferior quality? Someone tell me how this is better and how to make my video play lists again? Oh and to make matters worse - my new computer acts very strange when I try to use WMP and makes it so some things are huge and then buttons to control video (like play, or stop) are so small I feel like I am going blind. Killing off WMP and giving me this is like saying "I know you like your Ipod - but look at this awesome Walkman I have for you - oh and I made your Ipod stop working properly so you would use the Walkman instead." If this App is a good one - I (and I am not alone) can't tell - which means that it is not very user friendly. I am not a computer Newbie.

Terry · 8/8/2015
the app sucks

the app sucks wont play anime files right will either drop subtitles on anime about 10 minutes into it and if yoyu restart the subtitles ( click to turn back on ) they app crashes and won't even let me use my media player that was on my oem windows 7 pro

Mieke · 8/8/2015
Need options to add Metadata

Need options to add metadata like iTunes where i can add file info like Title, cast, artist, year, genre. Also, this simply shows everything as it is (if file is in folder, it will be shown in a folder) when its supposed to show every file directly (not in a folder) looking clutter free. Needs option to retrieve title covers/art etc. If it can do these things, it will override itunes (which cannot play anything but mp4) When is subtitle support coming?

Kunal · 7/31/2015
Much much better than Xbox Video

Great improvement over the previous Xbox app. Just one thing, the subtitles kinda appear on the top left instead of bottom, there's no settings to correct that. Also if there could be a way to access Video settings in middle of a play and not loose it.



  • Quickly find, play, and manage your video library
  • Watch videos in all the latest file formats
  • Access the videos you’ve rented or purchased from the store*
  • Play your rentals and purchased videos on your Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows, Windows Phone devices, and from the web*

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Key updates include: Better keyboard and mouse shortcuts for full screen playback Bonus content purchased with a movie is now shown on that movie’s detail page

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