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User · 6/22/2013

This app is better than most apps of its kind. It plays my desired files and such, its downloading method isn't the worst. But we need background playing, shuffling, and it needs to stop skipping songs in my setlist.

User · 1/15/2013

Great idea, needs a lot of work. Every time I play the music, my phone shuts off

Cody · 11/27/2012

Great! My suggestion: use Listen to YouTube to download the songs but make sure to delete the http:// at the beginning and add .mp3 to the end of the link! :D

Jason · 11/20/2012

Perfect. Does exactly what it says. Now I can download mp3's without having to go to my computer first then transferring them over. Great for mp3's that aren't available through any other services.

Kaizad · 10/14/2012

Excellent UI. Music doesn't play in the background. Otherwise perfect app - better than the other options on the marketplace...

User · 3/3/2014

The most handy app I have ever come across for windows phones.

Christopher · 10/15/2013

It is not convenient to have to put in the website and name of file to listen to a mp3.

Dela · 2/15/2014

Sucks you have to actually know the URL to download

Venkatesh · 9/10/2013

What's the use of this app when it asks for the full URL???

User · 3/24/2013

I can FINALLY listen to what I want not what the radios r playing <3<3<3<3<3:D


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