• Recipes: Browse through popular recipes from cuisines around the world.
  • Hands-Free Mode: Navigate recipe steps with a simple wave of your hand. No more messy fingers on your device!
  • Shopping List: Quickly create and directly add ingredients and access from anywhere.
  • Meal Planner: Plan your meals for the week in one convenient place.
  • Collections: Save and organize favorite recipes and drinks.
  • Add A Recipe: Add recipes easily by copying text, uploading a scanned page, or simply taking a photo of the recipe with your camera.
  • Chefs: Explore recipes and how-tos from acclaimed chefs.
  • Cooking School: Learn new tips & techniques to improve or refine your kitchen skills.
  • News: Stay in the know about the world of food and drink.
  • Wine: Learn about more than 1.5 million wines through tasting notes and expert scores.
  • Cocktails: Browse classic and new cocktail recipes.
  • Note: Some features may not be available in all markets.

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Darren · 7/26/2015
Great app

Love this app and find it very useful in menu planning. The ability to add recipes to a meal and a collection is a timesaver. Also like the ability to add my own recipes. The shopping list syncs from my surface to my Windows Phone where items can be checked off. A great example of using technology to improve ones life

Shyruraah · 7/25/2015
Great app

This app is awesome. Ive been using this app for a while, not to mention the times I just browse for food ideas as a kid. I grew up with msn and windows. So there app are like second nature. I hope this isn't one of the apps closing. I want to stay with msn and windows but with all these changes idk where they might go next. If anything I hope there will be a function where I could download my own books and recipes with out manually adding them, like a pic or something.

Christina · 7/18/2015
Sorry to see this go!

I loved the Food & Drink app for finding new recipes and ideas and ESPECIALLY for the hands-free use while cooking. I didn't use the diet log function very much because I was already using a different platform, but it did improve with time. The diet tracker is one function that the MS Band Health app really needs--a way to track/display calories consumed (not just burned). I'm going to miss this app a LOT!

Don · 7/21/2015
I like how I can use this for my food stuff

easy fast touch and go active do now is WOW Can I buy this after it is not connected to external sources,

Larry · 7/10/2015
Happy Before MSN Moved My Collections

[July 7, 2015] Turns out MS is killing the app. Too bad, it is a nice tool even without the old categories. I don't understand why Microsoft would have removed the valuable and useful functionality of being able to add my own recipes in my own categories. That is now gone and the work I did creating and organizing my work is lost into one big collection of "My Recipes." There may be better apps that include that function. That said, this has some nice features and I like the layout. The handsfree mode works well on my tablet while cooking. It prevents me (mostly) from having to touch the screen. The collection of available recipes is pretty good. It would be nice for Microsoft to fix what it broke and return the prior ability to add recipes to categories. Or, at least make some kind of explanation.

Kevin · 7/23/2015

Why Microsoft ends support for the best gourmet app off all Windows Phone Store? I don't understand... I don't want other gourmet app... just I want Microsoft think about what are doing. Please, no ends support of this app. A lot of many users of Windows Phone want see this app on Windows 10 Mobile.

Ali Zamin · 7/23/2015
One of the my favorite app

This app is so useful for me I can make any type of dish please don't retire this app it's my favorite app please continue this app.

Erik · 7/29/2015
WAS perfect

Always running behind the mass, only products that can sell, sell sell and that the mass want, stupid time, I found this app really well done, but unfortunately, my opinion is not the mass

Reviewer 2641 · 7/24/2015

This is a great app and it is unfortunate that it would stop. Even worse is the fact that there isn't many good apps in this segment on Windows Phone. So once this is gone, unlike android, this area would be highly lacking.

justin · 7/16/2015

Keeps being reinstalled to my phone even though I don't want it. Thanks Microsoft * sarcasm*

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